Sunday, 11 December 2011

I wish I had long nails to do this....

After four comments in an hour on my new video saying that this design can't be done on short nails, I decided I had to write this blog.

Here's the video:

I posted this because I thought it was an easy and funky christmas design that can be done on long AND short nails. I first painted this on short nails and it looked awesome. I didn't take a picture because it was ages ago.

So here's the design on short fake nails, quarter the size of mine. I picked the smallest nails I had and painted the santa design. It wasn't any harder to do. I just used less polish :)

So yeah, if you have short nails, TRY IT! It works. Most designs do.

Thanks for reading xx
love you guys xxx


Friday, 25 November 2011

A MASSIVE Collaboration: Let It Snow!

Recently, me and my favourite artist Robin Moses have been chatting about life in the YouTube nail art community. We have noticed, and I'm sure we're not the only ones - that even though there are a lot of awesome artists and lovely YouTube girls and boys putting themselves out there and sharing their art with the world, there is also a lot of bitchiness and hate that goes along with it.

We've all seen the occasional cheats and thieves who will take someone's idea and try to pass it off as their own without giving credit.

We've also read so many comments and discussions where there is a lot of jealousy and accusations. These days on YouTube, if people see a design that's similar to something they've seen before, they will immediately say "YOU COPIED THIS FROM *insert artists name here* " when that is simply not the case. Sometimes we just have the same ideas, especially when there's an event such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas... or even Nyan Cat!

So we decided to make a stand - make a statement, stamp out all the hate and make some love and connections instead!


On Monday 5th December 2011, we are having a "Let It Snow" day. Here's the deal:

If you like to paint art on your nails, or your face, we'd love you to make a video.

Make a nail art tutorial, or a make up tutorial based on the theme "SNOW" - it can be snowflakes, snowmen, evil snow queen makeup, frosty icicle inspired nail tips... let your imagination run wild and be arty as fuck with ice and snow inspired pretty things!

Title your video "LET IT SNOW by [yournamegoeshere]" and upload it to YouTube on Monday the 5th December. And then when you find another Let It Snow video that you like, video response it! And accept any Let it Snow video responses that you may recieve. Basically, we'll all just attach our videos together randomly so we're all holding hands and painting together.


You don't have to be subscribed to anyone, you don't have to Like or follow anyone's page - you just have to paint snow, upload and attach your video with someone :D


We want to show the YouTube artist community that we are NOT in competition with each other - but that we are all friends, we are painting together, learning from each other and inspired to try new things with our art.

If you paint something because you saw someone else paint it - SAY SO!! If your design is inspired by another artist, then that's a REALLY GREAT thing to do. It's beautiful. But say the name of the person who inspired you and give credit to them for the idea. "This design is inspired by *originalartistnamehere* and this is my version, thanks *artist* for the idea" and perhaps post a link to their original video/picture so everyone can check it out.

It's the right thing to do. It makes you look good and respectful and the original artist can be recognised for their awesomeness as well as you!

By joining in on this massive collaboration, we will be showing everyone that we're here to share, support and cheer each other on. No hate is needed - and we stick together instead of bitching and saying "mine's better" or "you're not as good as the other girls".

There are new artists coming to YouTube all the time and they should feel welcome. They should feel excited to join in and be friends. Not scared that they will be accused of being a wannabe or a copycat, or that they'll be compared to others simply because they have less experience or less views/subscribers than some others.

So it doesn't matter if you're a professional with 20 years experience and you can make impossible amazing reallistic looking creations,

Or if you're only 14 years old with five bottles of nail polish and a crappy little paintbrush and absolutely no idea what to do.

If all the above rules and proposals sound good to you, and you want to be a part of this - we will WELCOME you with EPIC love!! Seriously. Come join us with whatever art or skill level you have and we'll let it snow SO hard on December 5th that the YouTube monkeys will have to get their salt machines and snow plows and 4x4 trucks out on the road so people can still drive to work safely.

Loads of artists have already responded and said they're totally going to join us, and we want to make this as MASSIVE as possible.

This is going to be EPIC. And if YOU join us, it will be even more epic. You will be contributing to the glass being even more than half full!

If you have any questions or would like to say something, please don't ask in the comments on this post - cos I can't reply!! Facebook or YouTube message me or Robin. Here are the sexy links:

I hope you can ALL join us. I can't wait to see everyone's Let It Snow art.


Many thanks beautiful people.

Much love and respect to you all in your unique awesomeness. Every single one of you



Thursday, 3 November 2011

Imagination, Halloween and lots of WTF paragraphs.

It's been a while since I posted here... I've been so busy [and still am] so this post might just be me talking a load of crap and posting recent nails and colourful shit...

That's what I do anyway so yeah, mental.

Since mastering the art of water marbling, I've become addicted to it and want to make a million videos of it but... there are soooo many water marble nail art videos on YouTube that I don't want to repeat the same thing as everyone else.

After I did the rainbow flower water marble I got loads of peeps saying they tried it too but with clear polish or with different colours and I just thought there must be sooo many more new things we can do with it that haven't been seen before :) Girls are always coming up with new ideas that make you say "wow that's amaze, why didn't I think of that?!"

One of my fave water marble specialists, Indigonova1 did this water marble with foil! It's just insanely epic...


We're just never gonna run out of ideas... if only we didn't have to go to work and school and do housework and all the other important things so we could just sit and paint our nails all day...

I made butterflies - or butterfly wings... I did them on my own nails and then on my friend Jenny's nails later that day.. I love re-painting my designs on shorter nailed people cos I get quite a few comments saying "I can't do this because my nails aren't as long as yours" - I SERIOUSLY believe that all "long nailed designs" can be done on short nails too. The design may look slightly different, you may have to have smaller or less details, but it still looks awesome. So I like to prove it by actually doing it. I obviously can't do it much cos I aint gonna cut my nails short and I don't always have a short nailed friend ready to be painted for my videos... ha!

Anyway these are my butterflies:

I'd LOVE to see if anyone else has done these, and I can't wait to share even more new water marble ideas with you guys :D imagination is as big as the universe..... it's infinite.

Think outside the box... let's put wings on cars and let our cats smoke herbal cigarettes. You never know what excitement you may discover from it :)

Anyways, I've noticed since joining the nail art community a lot of people are quick to accuse artists of copying other people's work. I swear that "you copied this from cutepolish" is the most commonly used sentence in the comment sections of the nail art community. It is nice that so many people want to protect their favourite artists, but it's insane how unobservant people are. Most people will credit the artist in the video if they have "copied" a design. And most other times it's just a fucking similar design! Seriously...more than one person has painted zebra nails, and flower nails, and butterfly nails... a lot of people think the same things without knowing anything about it...

I got a few unobservant "you copied Robin Moses" comments for this one:

Yeah I re-created the design, did it on my nails in my own way. I video responsed her, mentioned her in the actual video, and said "check out her original design here...[link]" in the first paragraph of the info bar... so I basically credited the shit out of her and some people still seem to be bliiiind...

Anyway, here's the original. Robin fucking kicks ASS at nails and I love her. Literally. I want to marry all her designs.. I wish that was legal:

And back to originality, someone asked me to do "Mario Mushroom Nails" and I knew if I did anything remotely similar to the lovely cutepolish Mario design, I'd end up losing my temper with the amout of "copycat" comments I would recieve.

I love cutepolish. But I don't want my designs to be ANYTHING like hers... or anyone elses.

This is the Mario Mushroom design I came up with:

YUP! Green and shiny. Purple mushrooms are the way forward in life. Well, they are on my planet anyway.


The internet has been insane over Halloween but we don't reeeally celebrate it much here - I mean, we do but not as much as they do in the USA. I hope I'm not being too stereotypical - we all have our own ways and beliefs and they're all mental and respected. But to be honest, where I live it's really just an excuse to dress up like a total freak and get completely drunk...I've never been trick or treating in my life...

But I was invited to a fancy dress "Halloween night" at short was well weird - it was at this warehouse with portaloos [the shitty ones, not like the lovely ones you get at festivals] and the main focus was a ping-pong tournament. Yeah like, a huge warehouse with a bar, alcohol, loads of zombies and weird funny drunk people, and about four massive ping-pong tables ... it was weird.

Anyway I didn't have time to make up a costume so I went as a neon pink cat [cos I obviously have a neon pink cat outfit, duhh!] - I WISH I had photos of my full blown neon pink cat outfit but I haven't been facebook tagged yet and I was too smashed to be bothered taking photos with my camera...

My lovely boyfriend went as a more discreet, black "Ninja cat" - his wardrobe is shameful and would probably all fit into ONE drawer... so he didn't have anything remotely fancy to wear... hence why I painted his nails! You gotta at least try, c'mon!

I used a matte topcoat so they weren't too shiny and didn't "look gay" < his words. He's 38 by the way :)

I painted just the thumbs ... when he's holding his pint and you're chatting with him and chinking glasses... you may look at his beer and see that NINJA CAT IS WATCHING YOOOOU!

There was this guy - he was wearing a pair of stripey tights on his head with a Barbie head hanging from one of them and a sign on his back saying "Legalize Crime"

I thought he was a legend. HAHAHA!

So yeah, I'm still moving house - I'm sleeping everywhere and trying to pay bills and sort insurance and boring shit out absolutely everywhere right now... I still haven't fixed my blog comments so I'm silent in my replies :(

The amount of stress I have in my life right now is absolutely ridiculous... some days I feel I could just Godzilla everywhere and murder everyone in a loud destructive violent rage... but I still will find time to do nails and hang out on YouTube. Cos it's awesome.

And imagination seems to be much more productive with lots of stress going on... dunno if that's a good thing...

Anyway so that was long. I'm desperately looking for new black cat ears. I'm so fussy. I want quality, decent wearable everyday cat ears. This is my mission.

Love you guys xxx



Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Tiger Nails and Crappy Topcoat...

I did tiger nails... yeah just normal tiger nails. I know it's unlike me to do something common, but it had to be done. People go insane for tiger nails in real life. I would like to say that I am NOT IMPRESSED with this topcoat: China Glaze Fast Forward.
I painted these with acrylic paint that dries suuuper fast! Waited an HOUR before topcoating and I painted it on quite thick [thats what you do when you dont wanna smudge] and I STILL had smudges. I used Seche Vite [awesome] from the middle finger to the pinky. But look at the index finger....[on the right]

Yup. I've tried quite a few topcoats before. High-end salon ones and crappy drugstore ones. They're all different but this is definitely the worst one. Luckily I got it for free with my purchase of two China Glaze polishes at Sally's. But if you want a fast dry topcoat that doesn't smudge, don't waste your money on China Glaze Fast Forward. It's awful.

I did love the base colour - it's called "Y'all come back now, ya hear?" or something like that.... hahaha. It had a kind of jelly finish after three coats. Lovely and shiny ahhhh...

My nails are short... super short. That's what I call this length anyway. Moving house takes a looooong time! They'll be back to their original length by the time I've installed my cooker...

Here's the mental video. WOOHOO!

Not much else to say... love u guys
xxx mwah xxx

Friday, 7 October 2011

Purple Zebra Nails! And stuff like that....

So here's yet another water marble - I said I wouldn't just keep doing water marble designs unless I could think of something a bit different and original. And hopefully this one is.... or I haven't seen a purple zebra water marble anyway.

HOW COOL IS THIS.... They randomly happened to match my boyfriend's mum's birthday cake.

Far out, man.

And here's the sexy video. WOOHOO!

In other news, I recently found a YouTube nail art thief. She goes by the username lulucutieee.
She has stolen videos from MimiMemeko, ykhearts and goldiestarling and uploaded them as her own and tried to pass them off as her own work. Seriously I don't usually go round telling people off or trying to stop people misbehaving - leave em to it and karma will get them eventually, right? Well I couldn't keep quiet on this one. I absolutely had to comment telling her what she was doing was selfish and out of order... cos it is!!
They're not even my videos she's stolen and I'm already angry, so fuck knows how I'd react if she had stolen one of mine. I felt that the YouTubers she stole from had the right to know so I sent them a polite message to advise. Fortunately for this dirty stinking cheat, these YouTubers haven't been online for a while so she deleted my comments and continued.  I did re-comment... she's obviously not clever enough to block me...
My favourite gurus work hard to gain their views and subscribers so why the hell should she deserve any credit for it?!! She even has the nerve to spam people with "Check out my videos" !!
I wish to expose this thief. Here's a link to her channel so you can see for yourself:
clickkkk here....    xx

Hopefully this link won't work for long because her account will get suspended for violations....
Thiefs, liars and cheats disgust me. They bring out my inner bitch.

Despite that, the birthday cake was tasty and my nails were appreciated by many.
I have Pacman nails, Domo nails, and Tiger nails amongst others, but am unsure which to upload next... soooo many decisions ohhh I have such a hard life!

Oh well... at least they're actually mine. HA! Sorry. That was my inner bitch again...

CONGRATULATIONS to my lovely YouTube friend IndigoNova1 for becoming a YouTube partner! This lady deserves all the credit in the world for the awesome videos she's shared with us.
Check her out and go stroke her lovely new banner... ahhhh :)

** Blog comments still under construction **



Sunday, 2 October 2011

Johnny Depp Village, Insanity and um....Nails. YAY!

So I've actually done more nails recently and here I am sharing them yaaaay!

Fact of the matter is, I'm moving house which involves sanding and painting walls, lifting heavy objects everywhere and basically doing everything that would challenge my talons... so I couldn't be arsed to do all the careful stuff and just cut them of instead. It's MUCH easier to do the "manly" jobs and they'll grow back in a few weeks...

I haven't actually filmed anything for YouTube for about a week [which is a long time!] but luckily I have plenty of vids saved up so I won't be gone....

Whilst my nails are short and sweet I decided to test out a few more colours with water-marbling. I went with "hot and cold" - the hot hand turned out awesome! But the cold hand kinda failed in the water and looks a lot more discreet than I wanted... but hey ho people still notice them so...YAY!

Cousin Rachel [my number 1 client] brought London Rachel round for Sunday dinner - seriously it's like fucking Christmas every week in our home. But it's full of love so can't complain ;)

Yep, so we hung out and painted nails after food. It was mental.

London Rachel chose my Pink Snail Nails but didn't think I could paint them on her because my nails were at least twice as long as hers when I had them on mine...

SEE.. you can paint anything on any nails they don't have to be long!!

And Local Rachel went with leopard print. She picks similar designs a lot of the time but she has her own style that she likes and I never get bored of painting hers. Even if it's just leopard print. Leopard print looks awesome on everyone, all the time. YAY!

Speaking of leopard print, here's my right hand from last week. It has appeared in a video and there is another pre-filmed video starring these rainbow babies as my painting hand. But I am not making a tutorial for them simply because there are too many rainbow leopard nail art vids on YouTube, I've already done three leopards and I like my designs that I film to be original.

I know it's still early and we barely even celebrate Halloween where I live, but I totally already uploaded two more halloween designs.
I wanted to make some sort of spider web water marble but I didn't want to do one similar to SimpleLittlePleasues [typo intentional] black and white spider web design she did last year so it ended up being a swirly marble with added plastic bag bat deco thingies instead. I still wanna do a spidery water marble but I won't until I can think of something more original and have the colours I want that will spread.
Here's my bat video. Yay!

And for my next video, I went in the complete opposite direction and painted Peepo Zombie nails.
You know these? Painted a while ago...?

I decided to do a... Zombie Spin off, if you like. And it feels like it's been a while since I painted my short nailed creepy hand so this is what I came up with...

What I love about Halloween is that the nail art and make-up are sometimes so easy they can be done by a five year old and still look realistic. If you're going for a gory, undead bloody cut-up uglified zombie style look, shaky hands and messy clumsy lines and secret fuckups are no problem AT ALL!
So if you're having one of those "Retard Fuckup Painting" days, Peepo Zombies are the nails to be painting!
Cuteness, elegance and class are not included or intended in this tutorial.

May I take a moment to mention blogger Kirshten - she re-created my Rainbow Flower Water Marble with paint instead of water marbling and I thought it looked awesome. I like to blog things that make me smile and this totally did.

Check em out, man!!

Wicked. Thanks Kirshten for sharing!!

Ok I'm sorry I've still not sorted out my comments so I still can't reply to my comments, or comment other people's posts either :( the procedure for fixing it is complicated and I may require male assistance because I suck at technology. Seriously I'm so crap.
I used to "Live Electricals" too. Hahaha. How I managed to keep that up is beyond me....

But I will have it sorted soon.
Once I'm fully moved into Johnny Depp Village.
Yep! He lives in my village. Or he has a house there, anyway.
That's probably the awesomest thing ever. I'll stalk him, make friends with his wife and be her personal nail technician and they'll employ my boyfriend as their private chef [cos he rules like Gordon Ramsay] and we'll all live happily ever after.

Then I'll sort my comments. When all that stuff happens. Which it will. Soon.
And a pink helicopter.
Come join me.

xxx BLARGH! xxx

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Lots of new exciting nails...YAY!

It's been a while since I posted here... I've done sooo many nails it's unreal..

I had just recently mastered the technique of water marbling, and it's so addictive and always looks awesome! But I didn't want to just do simple bog-standard water marble videos... I tried to think of something different and possibly original.
This rainbow look was purely from my imagination. It hasn't been tubed by anyone else [I don't think] although a couple of people have said they had similar ideas.

It was so much fun to do and since I posted it a few people have said they tried it out with different colours and with clear polish and it turned out awesome so...YAY!

Here's my other hand...

Crap lighting, but looks pretty cool in the other direction

Some people have said it can't be done on short nails. I respectfully disagree. It does look different, but it's still pretty cool. My cousin Rachel and her lovely younger sister Caitlin wanted in so I did the design on them too....

Rachel's Rainbow

Caitlin's Rainbow

I had never done water marble on anyone except myself before so it was quite weird, and a little bit difficult at first to dip someone else's hands in the water as carefully as I dip my own... and this is what happened to Cookie Monster in the process:

Cookie Monster's Been Chimney Sweeping!

Yup. Only had him on for two days but to be honest he was starting to chip. This was a result of Seche Clear Base Coat. I used it because it's great for preventing yellow staining, but it starts peeling at the edges after about 24 hours. I LOVE Seche Vite Topcoat, but I think Seche base coat is crap!! Anyway here's the Cookie Monster video - a nice clean chimney sweep free design....

Preparing for halloween I thought I'd upload this design as well - Skull Butterflies! YAY!
These were not from my imagination but I did make them my own and put my own twist on them. They were originally created by Robin Moses - I'm addicted to her art and although I have plenty of imagination myself and don't need inspiration from others, I still HAD to paint these!

Here's my skull butterflies:

And here's the original design by Robin:

Skulls with butterflies... the possibilities are endless with far out weird-ass nails!
I never let anyone paint my nails... but if I ever met Robin I TOTALLY would! She's just been so awesome and lovely to me and I'm so glad I met her. One day we'll meet in real life and it'll be absolutely mental. We'll out-weird each other with our wise words and sparkly thoughts....

Ok so I think that's all I have to say today....
Sorry if I don't reply to comments yet, I still haven't fixed it. This technology and html shit is so complicated! And Blogger won't let me comment.
I'm working on it.


Friday, 9 September 2011

My First Ever YouTube Water Marble

I've finally mastered the technique of water marbling. WOOHOO!!
It's not the first time I've ever done it, and no I don't think I'm very good at it, but I've practiced loads and failed so many times.

Here are pictures of my first success. Obviously I didn't match both my hands...

After months of watching these awesome YouTubers make it look so easy I've finally found a way of doing it myself. Here are some things I have learnt...


The water works best if it is room temperature. You can achieve this by leaving it in the room for a few hours or overnight. Some people can use tap water but where I live is a hard water area and we have lead pipes so our tap water is crap for marbling. I tried it with Evian bottled water and it was better but still came out all lumpy on most of my nails. Finally, I invested in a Brita Water Filter for £17 at The Range [pink one, yay!] and that was perfect! Filtered water works best for me.


I have a zillion different brands and there isn't a specific brand I would say works better than others it was just a case of trial and error. Some polishes spread well, some don't spread at all. I've heard that China Glaze is one of the best for marbling but I only have two CG polishes and I didn't want a pink and orange marble. I found that the thinner, slower drying polishes work best. If you take the brush out of the bottle and the polish almost slides off the brush like water or drips really easily, then it'll probably marble very well. The thick, gloopy polishes that hardly drip probably won't spread at all. Sometimes if you've got one that spreads perfectly and one that's not so good then you can mix them together, because the spreadable one will push the other one out.


I paint all my nails white because the marbled polishes come out quite thin so the white makes it pop. You could paint nails a different colour for a completely different look, but I stuck with white :) I put tape [very messy tape] around my fingers and stuck it as close to the nail as possible to make clean up easier. I used lip balm last time cos you can just wipe it off, but you have to wipe it off straight away or it will go hard all over your fingers - too much mess while doing nails. So I think the tape method is much cleaner.


I used a small bowl - the smaller the container, the less polish you use - but the pattern will also be smaller so there's less chance you'd be able to do 3-4 nails at once.

To make the marble pattern I used a toothpick/cocktail stick. Some people use a dotting tool or a pin or needle. I've tried them all and they work the same in my experience as long as you wipe it off between each drag - if you don't then the pattern will have ugly lumps in it.

For cleaning up the polish on the water surface, this makes a huge mess on the stick so I use cotton buds for this cos I can just throw them away straight after rather than having a massive fat orange stick with ten tons of gloopy polish over it!

I used a flat brush [small one] with acetone to clean around the cuticles afterwards. This is easier than using cotton buds cos you can be more precise and there's less chance of touching the nail and ruining the design.

If there are any small bubbles on the nail [this happens a lot] you can pop them gently with a pin. If they look too obvious you can always touch them up with the polish and a toothpick. I make sure to get rid of all bubbles before topcoat because if they're still there then they can drag under the topcoat [even Seche Vite!] and that's a pain in the ass!

**Another tip I may add - a suggestion from ARPIANNINNI :

STYROFOAM CUPS ARE NOT GOOD for water marbling.
Nail polish melts them. So if you have a drop sink down to the bottom, the cup will get a hole and you'll have a big seeping pool of nail polish water all over your desk. Yup.

Use plastic, glass or paper cups. They're safe as houses.

Here's the video - surprisingly easy to film!

I absolutely love the way it looks - not mine specifically, just the effect of water marbling on nails it just looks amazing. I'm so happy with these and hope to improve and make more videos on it. I think they might be more than just marbles though... I get bored easily.

Ever noticed I don't have an intro in my vids?

Yeah. Don't want one. Would change it all the time.

Here's my lazy left handed design...

Anyway that will be all for today

xx Love you guys xx

Monday, 5 September 2011

Halloween, Ears and Mentalness...

Ok so it's been a while since I've done anything on here so this might be a massive huge long story full or randomness and stuff... but there will obviously be some nails. I can't go a whole day without nails, man!

Anyway, the last bank holiday weekend I went with my cousin Rachel to London. Rachel is the shorter nailed model you may have seen on some of my designs on facebook. She took me to London as a thank you for all the nails I've painted on her. We were meant to go to Notting Hill Carnival but because of all the riots and stuff going on in the UK they closed it early so we ended up missing most of it.
Thanks, UK thugs. You're so helpful with your lovely riots.

On a more positive note, while I was there I went to CAMDEN MARKET!! I've always dreamt of going there and I just HAD to buy some weird stuff to wear.

This rainbow thing is SO AMAZING!! It goes with everything in my wardrobe and actually fits my massive manly long arms!! It has a pointy pixie hood and it's totally handmade so each one is different. The man wanted to sell it for £30 but I got it for £24. Meheheh. Very nice, helpful man but seeing as he as good as forced me to buy it I had to flutter my eyelashes to get a discount ;)

I fell in love with it and I know I have ears already but I had to have it <3 I just noticed that one of the pockets is on the wrong side?!! How weird. Oh well, fuck it at least I can say it has "character" haha.
Perfect for the winter months and they totally match my Doc Martens.
Ears are a must-have wardrobe item. Everyone should wear ears.

Yeah so that's what I bought from Camden - check out my sexy posing. I don't try to look nice and photogenic cos I always fail. More fun to just pull faces. BLAAAA!!

We went clubbing in the Electric Ballroom. I ended up dancing to Justin Bieber. That was vodka's fault. Not mine. CAMDEN YOU DISAPPOINTED ME!! No but seriously it was an awesome nite. Not a SINGLE bloke tried to grope me or use a filthy chat up line. It was amazing. Much more classy than the skanks I always meet [and try to escape from] in Weston-shitty-Mare.
Camden is cool. So is the rest of London... but I don't think I could stay there for more than a week. I'm a country girl. I like to be able to drive down the road without stopping every two metres!


I've recently done a lot of re-uploading on my YouTube videos. Reason is because if I was ever offered revenue sharing, the Audioswap videos can't be used. And my first 40 videos have Audioswap on them. I've only just learned this. I'm hoping my lovely subbies won't get too pissed off with all the re-uploads. I'm uploading at least one new one per week so it's not like I'm recycling old material.

Here's my most recent nails - YouTube and non YouTube ones...

Bad Ass Leopard and Early Halloween Ghosts. I'm excited about halloween nails.

Rainbows - this is on Rachel - she wanted something more simple but I didn't understand her and painted this by accident... she LOVED it so yaaaaay!!

Peacock - this was my first ever peacock design on Tanya - I drove to the middle of nowhere to do a full set of acrylics and some funky peacocks as per her request - and I'd do anything for her cos she's awesome. We had a mental time I think we got high on the fumes cos we were talking about "Acrylates" the whole time...
Sort out your acrylates... ahhh I can't take it there's too many acrylates!!!

Super - fun!!

And these are from my collaboration from superminx66 -  we both had so much fun doing hem and it looks like we've totally set a trend - Robin Moses responded to my video!! She did some funky kick ass graffiti pop-art nails and they're just amazing. I was so excited to see them.

And now another girl has said she wants to paint them and video response too.

So yeah, productive couple of weeks.

Talk soon peeps, keep smiling!!

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

I'm growing videos out of my ears!!

Seriously... you know when you just have loads of eagerness to paint loads of nails in so many different ways...? The past few weeks I've been trying to fulfil requests, and paint things I already wanted to paint anyway... and sometimes I just get a massive idea and HAVE to paint it on nails right away... hence the use of the fake hand. I know a lot of people find it creepy, but I just think the design looks better if it's painted on like, a hand, right? People find my real nails creepy anyway so I can't really win. I'm creepy. YAY! **pokes you**

The funniest comment I got on my Nyan Cat nails was: "FULL OF EPIC WIN!!!!"
Seriously laughed out loud. I love shout compliments. Hahaha. AWESOME!!

Anyway so I did these cow nails a while ago and thought I'd just post them... cos I was in a cow design sharing mood...
 Less than 24 hours later, I posted my Snails...
I strongly encourage everyone in the world to paint ridiculously mental snails on their nails.
It's seriously good for you. Like eating your vegetables. Trust me, I'm a professional ;D

Thanks Camilla for hosting such a mental contest! I wasn't planning to enter many more contests at the moment but ANIMAL THEME!! How could anyone say no?!! She's got about 40 entries already so the whole contest obviously going to be a massive win!

I love the music on the contest video. Pretties, YAAAY!

So those are my nails for this week... sort of. Ohhhh I've been making so many videos I don't know which to post next....

Collab with superminx66 soon... YAY!

Yup, so this post was deadly serious and intellectual.
Full of epic win!
xxx mwah xxx

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Nyan Cat is like Marmite

You either love him or hate him.
Annoying as he is, I LOVE him!!

I was requested to do Nyan Cat nails by a couple of YouTubers. Nyan Cat seems to be in demand, so I thought I'd paint him cos I didn't want to be the last one to do it. Haha.

I wanted to find a Nyan Cat track that wasn't just original Nyan Cat... and I found this awesome dubstep version by a YouTube DJ named Alex.S - check out his channel here:
Nyan Cat was more difficult to paint than I had initially thought. When I paint a character that's famous I like to get it looking like the real thing. Original Nyan cat had fatter cheeks, but I'm reasonably satisfied with my version. It's zoomed in really close. I painted him tiny just so people don't think "Ohhh yeah but what if you don't have massive long nails...?"

He got three dislikes within the first half hour of uploading, but I kind of expected a lot of dislikes. But if you're not going to say why you dislike, then your opinion isn't valid to me. It's kinda like shouting "you suck" from far away and then hiding...

I LOVE Nyan Cat!
And I'm happy if anyone else enjoys my design.



Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Glee Cheerios and Neon Dragonfly days...

YAY! So I uploaded some new videos. The Glee one was a request, and the dragonfly one was just... well I decided I wanted to randomly make a neon insect design one day and that's what happened.

I wish my car looked like that.

Here's the Glee one.... I couldn't think of what to paint on nails that said "Glee", so I painted the cheerios uniform... with a pom-pom.

It was time consuming and required a lot of concentration, hence the weird angle. But it was super fun.

In other news, I randomly painted my right hand with what I wanted to be a "lazy left handed" design.
I don't know wether to YouTube it or not... I called it "Biker Strip Club" Although if I was to tube it, I probably wouldn't use that as the title....
**whispers** I have Nyan Cat on my other hand ;D


Sunday, 31 July 2011

A special prize :D

This is about a month late, but I had to share this because I think it's just lovely and thoughtful.
An awesome YouTuber, Iva866 hosted a garden theme nail art contest. She allowed "Fantasy garden" entries so I just had to do some mushrooms.

I love to enter contests because they're fun and a great way of making new friends and being inspired by all the other entries. Even if I think I haven't a cat in hell's chance of winning I'll still enter because it's just a really fun thing to do :D And because it's a contest it makes you work hard with imagination to try and come up with something original.

I couldn't believe it when she announced me as the winner - I thought there were so many winning entries so I was gobsmacked, but really happy :)

Here are the amazing prizes Iva sent me:

One stroke brush, stripers and pink flowery cuticle oil

A variety of funky sticker things and dried flowers

SPARKLES!! The gold ones are SO shiny I can't stop shaking them around in the pot.

Some cool exclusive polishes. I love the gummi bear one it looks so cute!!

But what made me smile the most, Iva added a little extra - these wicked cool earrings: she actually made them especially - to match my colourful personality. And I absolutely LOVE them!!

And how weird is this, these are the socks I was wearing when I opened the package:

Talk about perfect match! How awesome. Couldn't have been more perfect if she tried :D
They are my new favourite earrings that co-ordinate with one of my fave pairs of socks. YAAAAY!

Here's the design I submitted for Iva's contest:

I had so much fun creating this design and I'm glad I entered a contest hosted by someone so nice :)

Don't forget to check her out. Her channel is filled with some of the most elegant designs I've ever seen. To say they're salon quality would be an understatement. I'm not just saying this because Iva sent me lovely prizes. I'm just always amazed by her nail art. You won't find anything else like it.
Well, I haven't yet, anyway.

^^ click link, be amazed.
Seriously... cos this is the end of the post now :)


Cheese and Pickle!

So a while ago I hosted a contest, and the two video winners were Cajanails and JaeMarie2008

I liked the designs so much I just had to re-create them on my own nails. I don't think I "nailed it" quite as well as these lovely ladies, but anyway, here they are!

Make sure to check out their original designs too! Links below xxx

Camilla's Stealthy Cat mice and cheese

Jae's Mr and Mrs Pickle! [mine have had babies]
 These made a lot of people laugh. I'm really glad I painted them. I do think Mr and Mrs Pickle look a bit surprised... I forgot to give them eyelids...

Far out, man.


Monday, 25 July 2011

My First YouTube Collaboration

I don't know why I never proposed this to anyone, because it was so much fun!

A funky far out YouTuber, IndigoNova1 asked me if I wanted to join her in a collaboration - it was completely her idea and we decided to go with mint choc chip ice cream nails.

I absolutely couldn't say no cos I thought that it was perfect for the summer - and I love seeing other people's versions of the same theme. This all kind of happened while I was between computers - I managed to edit the video on my old one - Windows Movie Maker - which I'm so glad I did because the new movie maker I have is super complicated and it's gonna take a while to learn how to use it!

I used mainly acrylic paints, and made the scoops with a cigarette filter. I had no idea what it would turn out like, but I'm quite pleased with the result, and was amazed when she sent me the pic of hers.

We only uploaded yesterday [sunday] and the feedback we've received has been immense!!
Here's my version - and check out Indigonova1's version too - the link is in the video. She did a water marble, which is [in my opinion] a really hard technique to master.

We've made a lot of people hungry with our minty ice cream nails and that was my intention. Haha.

I'm so glad I agreed to do this collab. I think collabs are a great way of making friends, sharing art and leading people to the other awesome artist that they may not have discovered yet.

I'm not the sort of person to sub4sub, or spam people with my videos... or comment everywhere saying "check out my design...sub my channel..." to be honest that annoys the crap out of me. So this is like an honest, nice way to make new friends, gain views and subscribers without being cheap or annoying people. I'm recommending another artist to my subscribers, and so is she.. but for a good reason, not just for the sake of doing a random shoutout. I like to EARN. That way, when someone subscribes or compliments and rates one of my designs, I know it's genuine and not just because they feel they should.

I'd definitely do this again. With IndigoNova1 or any other funky nail artist. I believe I am still quite new to YouTubing nails, but out of all the designs I've painted so far, this one's been the most fun, and the most productive.



Friday, 22 July 2011

View Count...

Okay, so I posted this about a week ago and it's been stuck on 302 views for about five days!

I'm not saying I'm super amazing and popular and should have a million views on this or anything. But I know that way more than 302 people have actually viewed it because I've had loads of comments and ratings SINCE the count stopped.

I know what it is. YouTube have some issues with their view count, they freeze views on some videos to make sure we're not employing bots or some sorta cheat to gain more views, and the actual genuine views are still counted. Videos from 11th to 18th July are not all correct and they're "working on fixing the problem" But it's still starting to piss me off.

Thumbs up if you're the 302nd viewer!

I've learned a lot recently about legals and technicals on YouTube. But it's all getting a bit out of hand now... there's too many people in the world!!
Glad I'm one of them though ^_^


Friday, 15 July 2011

My Experience on YouTube so far...

So I've been into nail art since I was about nine years old, but only started taking it seriously about a year ago. I was on google randomly looking at nails, and clicked on a cute looking strawberry design.
This design happened to be the famous Strawberry Nail Art by the now super-famous cutepolish. After snooping around her channel for a while I noticed a lot of other girls were making nail art videos too. Some amateur, some professional. I was amazed by all their awesome designs and ideas so I re-created some of their designs on me and my friends and it was BRILLIANT fun!

I got a camera for Christmas 2010 and started fimling my own straight away. I didn't expect everyone to love it or subscribe a million times. I just painted from my imagination and then posted it to share with whoever wanted to watch.

I posted a few more after that and the response I got was amazing! It was so nice to hear everyone's feedback and compliments on my designs. I met loads of lovely nail art gurus - each and every one of them were lovely. The new beginners and the hardcore partners that had been doing it for years. That's one of the best things about painting nails on YouTube. The nail art community is full of friendly girls who are always sharing their designs, exchanging tips and advice, hosting contests... it's wonderful!
We all inspire and help each other out and I think it's the most beautiful thing ever!

Here's where it's at:

I've since made about 60 videos, some a LOT more popular than others. I've hosted a nail art contest, which was hard work, but so much fun. When I reach another milestone I will host another contest or giveaway. I feel I should do something every now and then, jut to say thanks to everyone for their support.

Haters...? I haven't really had any nasty haters yet, but I'm sure I will. I've had a couple of ridiculous comments from some people. But they're never intelligent enough to get remotely upset by. Things like "you're ugly" or "your nails are like stubs" - I know, what the fuck, right? But when I go to their channel to see how "great" they are, it's usually an empty channel with no videos or photos... and a lot of hate on their wall from other users who have had their videos trolled. And I usually laugh then. I wish them luck in their success on YouTube then politely block them :D

There are annoying factors that come with the awesomeness though. The messages from the "bots" usually titled "amazing videos" asking me to visit their "Sub4Sub" site. There's a lot of them. If you ever get one, BLOCK! The sites they send you are not safe!! And it kind of annoys me a bit that they insult my intelligence.
I always make it REALLY clear that I don't sub4sub. I think it's completely pointless because it's the views that count, and sub4subbers don't usually watch your videos.
Okay I guess you'd probably get more views with 2000 subs than with like, 50. But I want people to subscribe because THEY want to! I don't even go asking people to check me out. I know loads of people do and thats fine. But I like to just say hi, post a video and see what happens. At least this way I know all the love I receive is genuine.

When people write "sub me back??" on my wall, I usually ignore them. I know that might sound a bit bitchy and rude, but I actually read people's channels when I visit. I have written in capitals that I don't do it so when someone asks me regardless, that means they have taken no interest in my channel, or have ignored my request.

I subscribe to channels that I LIKE TO WATCH!
Ok, rant over :D

Since I've been YouTubing my nails, I've learned so much and made friends with some unforgettable people! The possibilities are endless with nail art and I have so much more to share.

I'm new to this blogging stuff, so just to make the post look colourful and exciting, I was going to post some pictures of my most recent designs, but for some reason this blog gives me the option to do so, then when I go to upload, it does nothing.... WTF?!!

So if anyone knows how to help me with this problem before I throw my computer across the room in frustration, your advice or knowledge would be received with much love and appreciation :D