My Nail FAQ

I've noticed a lot of people ask me the same questions about my nails. In real life and on YouTube. So I thought I'd join in on the trend and answer some questions that I genuinely hear all the time.... yay.

1] Are those your real nails?/How do you grow them so long?

The nails on my fingers are my own, natural nails. I don't really do specific things to make them grow. They have always been strong and fast growing. But my top three tips for anyone wanting to grow long, healthy nails are:
* Wear rubber gloves whilst doing household chores to protect nails against water and chemicals
* Use a nail strengthener, and polish too if you like. This will also protect them from chipping.
* CUTICLE OIL! Use it, abuse it, overdose your cuticles in it! It' the best thing ever to keep your nails moisturised and strong. And prevents nails from becoming dry and brittle.

2] Are you a professional?

Yes, I am fully qualified in NVQ Level 2 Nail Services, which is mani's pedi's, nailcare & hygeine and acrylic extensions. However, I DID NOT learn the nail art I do at college. All my art is self taught and from my imagination and practice.

3] Can you use acrylic paints on nails? Where do you get them from?

WATER based acrylic paints can be used on false and natural nails. I would highly recommend it to everyone, even beginners. It's easy to work with, doesn't ruin your brushes, and if you mess up you can just wipe off with warm water!
Acrylic paint dries a lot faster than polish so if you've painted an awesome design with acrylic paint then you don't need to worry about it smudging when you apply topcoat. And you MUST apply topcoat to nails with acrylic paint because otherwise the paint will just wash off! If you paint near the tip then make sure you cap the ends generously with topcoat because it has a tendency to chip.

4] Where did you get .....?

I don't usually list the items I use for my nail art. I just show pictures instead. The reason for this is because I've never asked anyone this question. If I like something and want it, I'll type it into google or eBay and 99% of the time it will come up.
I'm in the UK so most of my polishes I buy from Superdrug or Boots. I do like to look around random unusual shops too sometimes cos there's usually something sparkly in there I can use on my nails.
The majority of my non-polish nail art products, including brushes, nail art hand and glitters I bought from one of my favourite eBay sellers: Gorgeousland.

5] Why don't you paint both hands to match?/Do you have a video for the design on your other hand?

I hardly ever paint my hands to match. It's my thing. I like to be a bit backwards and a colourful as possible.
If I have a tutorial for the design on my other hand then it will say so in the video. A lot of the time when I make a video on one hand, it takes so long that I can't be bothered to create anything on the other hand so I'll just mix two colours together, add glitter and some stickers... or crackle. And I'm not going to make a video on how to decorate your nails with stickers cos it seems kinda pointless.
Also, I like the designs to be completely my own creations.

6] What camera/movie editor do you use?

My camera is a Kodak EasyShare C143 that I got from Currys - it sometimes goes blurry on the zoom, but I think that's my fault, not the camera.
For editing I use Windows Movie Maker. A lot of people say they hate it cos it crashes and is slow. And they're right! But as it's all I've got [correct at time of going to print] on my mashed up laptop I have to make it work for me. I just save the project every ten minutes, and don't have anything else running while I'm using it. That usually solves any problems.

7] How do you paint with your left hand?

The same as I do with my right, just at a slightly different angle! It just takes practice. I know everyone says that, but that's because it's true! It won't take years. And it's a lot easier than it seems. Most of the time it's just having the guts to do it. A lot of people don't do their own nails because they don't think they can paint left handed. I promise that if you want to, and you posess two human hands [or bionic ones] then you CAN!
I used to live with a girl from work and my nail art rubbed off on her. She never painted her other hand, always asked me to do it. A MONTH after I moved out, she sent me pics of her nail art: she had painted the Union Jack on all ten fingers and they looked EXACTLY the same!
Trust me, I'm a professional ;D

8] Can you do make up?/work in a salon?/have any other training in hair & beauty?

I have absolutely no interest in training to do anything except nails, and art. I wear drugstore makeup, like mascara and stuff but that doesn't mean I'm good at doing it.
I tried hairdressing at college and to be completely honest, I found it boring as fuck.
I'm not a typical salon type girl... although I don't mean to stereotype "salon people" they're all different and the ladies I have met are absolutely lovely.
I just don't like or can't be bothered with the stuff that goes with it - the dress code is like Nuns R Us, and the level of converstion is nowhere near my wavelength. I'm weird, I'm loud, I swear, I smoke, I approve of controversial "bad things", and I like to express myself. I do it all in a polite, friendly, considerate way and would never curse in front of your nan or children, but unfortunately my kind of weird is not accepted in all places.
Nor are my cat ears. Oh well ;D