Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Tiger Nails and Crappy Topcoat...

I did tiger nails... yeah just normal tiger nails. I know it's unlike me to do something common, but it had to be done. People go insane for tiger nails in real life. I would like to say that I am NOT IMPRESSED with this topcoat: China Glaze Fast Forward.
I painted these with acrylic paint that dries suuuper fast! Waited an HOUR before topcoating and I painted it on quite thick [thats what you do when you dont wanna smudge] and I STILL had smudges. I used Seche Vite [awesome] from the middle finger to the pinky. But look at the index finger....[on the right]

Yup. I've tried quite a few topcoats before. High-end salon ones and crappy drugstore ones. They're all different but this is definitely the worst one. Luckily I got it for free with my purchase of two China Glaze polishes at Sally's. But if you want a fast dry topcoat that doesn't smudge, don't waste your money on China Glaze Fast Forward. It's awful.

I did love the base colour - it's called "Y'all come back now, ya hear?" or something like that.... hahaha. It had a kind of jelly finish after three coats. Lovely and shiny ahhhh...

My nails are short... super short. That's what I call this length anyway. Moving house takes a looooong time! They'll be back to their original length by the time I've installed my cooker...

Here's the mental video. WOOHOO!

Not much else to say... love u guys
xxx mwah xxx


  1. Awesome nail art! Thanks for the video! :D

  2. I'm glad I found you here:D

  3. What kind of acrylic paint do you use? And does it remove with just normal nail polish remover?

  4. I use water based acrylic paint. I use all different brands, most of them crappy cheap ones. They all work the same. Some colours are more pigmented than others.
    It comes off with nail polish remover. It washes off with just water if you don't use a topcoat ;)