Sunday, 11 March 2012

Rainbow Shorties and Oreos

So I cut my nails short.

Not because of popular demand. Simply because I felt like it and I know they'll grow back pretty quickly. Whilst I was short I decided to recreate a design I'd previously done. My Rainbow Flower Water Marble:

This video had soooo many comments saying that you need long nails to do the design and I always COMPLETELY disagree!! I know each design will look slightly different depending on the size, shape and length of the nail, but it still looks just as great!

And I know my nails are still not actually "short" because I have long nail beds. I cannot physically cut them any further without chopping the ends of my fingers off!

One thing I CAN cut as much as I like though are my trusty practice nails. I cut a few of my smallest sized falsies in more than half and tried out a few designs on them.

I STILL got all six colours in because I used a dotting tool instead of a sponge to apply all the nail polish colours.

DOTTING TOOL!! Shorties can make rainbows with dotting tools! Why didn't I think of that before??!!

But anyway look, here are some pictures and comparisons of my even shorter nails.

Here's how the rainbow looks before the marble
I tried to put them in order from long to short
Next to my index and middle finger
This is the smallest nail next to my index finger
And here it is compared to my pinky.

Okay so I can't even get my fake nails any shorter than that because I can't hold them and file them. Something I know I can do better with long nails. You might think I'm taking the piss but I'm actually finding a lot of things MORE difficult without long nails. It's because I'm not used to it. But it is pretty cool though cos I keep missing things... it's like my fingers are drunk.

So anyway I hope you all have enjoyed my little rainbow water marble nail art project. I really hope that more people can see now that you can do nail art on any length of nail. If your nails are short or long, just adapt, shrink or add to the design to fit your size.

In other random news, here are some things that made me smile recently:

Most epic wallpost I have ever received

Oreo Boner!

I do smile when people share their Oreo boners with me. Or any other kind of biscuit/cookie erection for that matter :)

That's all I have to say for today :)

I love you guys <3

xx mwah xx