Sunday, 2 October 2011

Johnny Depp Village, Insanity and um....Nails. YAY!

So I've actually done more nails recently and here I am sharing them yaaaay!

Fact of the matter is, I'm moving house which involves sanding and painting walls, lifting heavy objects everywhere and basically doing everything that would challenge my talons... so I couldn't be arsed to do all the careful stuff and just cut them of instead. It's MUCH easier to do the "manly" jobs and they'll grow back in a few weeks...

I haven't actually filmed anything for YouTube for about a week [which is a long time!] but luckily I have plenty of vids saved up so I won't be gone....

Whilst my nails are short and sweet I decided to test out a few more colours with water-marbling. I went with "hot and cold" - the hot hand turned out awesome! But the cold hand kinda failed in the water and looks a lot more discreet than I wanted... but hey ho people still notice them so...YAY!

Cousin Rachel [my number 1 client] brought London Rachel round for Sunday dinner - seriously it's like fucking Christmas every week in our home. But it's full of love so can't complain ;)

Yep, so we hung out and painted nails after food. It was mental.

London Rachel chose my Pink Snail Nails but didn't think I could paint them on her because my nails were at least twice as long as hers when I had them on mine...

SEE.. you can paint anything on any nails they don't have to be long!!

And Local Rachel went with leopard print. She picks similar designs a lot of the time but she has her own style that she likes and I never get bored of painting hers. Even if it's just leopard print. Leopard print looks awesome on everyone, all the time. YAY!

Speaking of leopard print, here's my right hand from last week. It has appeared in a video and there is another pre-filmed video starring these rainbow babies as my painting hand. But I am not making a tutorial for them simply because there are too many rainbow leopard nail art vids on YouTube, I've already done three leopards and I like my designs that I film to be original.

I know it's still early and we barely even celebrate Halloween where I live, but I totally already uploaded two more halloween designs.
I wanted to make some sort of spider web water marble but I didn't want to do one similar to SimpleLittlePleasues [typo intentional] black and white spider web design she did last year so it ended up being a swirly marble with added plastic bag bat deco thingies instead. I still wanna do a spidery water marble but I won't until I can think of something more original and have the colours I want that will spread.
Here's my bat video. Yay!

And for my next video, I went in the complete opposite direction and painted Peepo Zombie nails.
You know these? Painted a while ago...?

I decided to do a... Zombie Spin off, if you like. And it feels like it's been a while since I painted my short nailed creepy hand so this is what I came up with...

What I love about Halloween is that the nail art and make-up are sometimes so easy they can be done by a five year old and still look realistic. If you're going for a gory, undead bloody cut-up uglified zombie style look, shaky hands and messy clumsy lines and secret fuckups are no problem AT ALL!
So if you're having one of those "Retard Fuckup Painting" days, Peepo Zombies are the nails to be painting!
Cuteness, elegance and class are not included or intended in this tutorial.

May I take a moment to mention blogger Kirshten - she re-created my Rainbow Flower Water Marble with paint instead of water marbling and I thought it looked awesome. I like to blog things that make me smile and this totally did.

Check em out, man!!

Wicked. Thanks Kirshten for sharing!!

Ok I'm sorry I've still not sorted out my comments so I still can't reply to my comments, or comment other people's posts either :( the procedure for fixing it is complicated and I may require male assistance because I suck at technology. Seriously I'm so crap.
I used to "Live Electricals" too. Hahaha. How I managed to keep that up is beyond me....

But I will have it sorted soon.
Once I'm fully moved into Johnny Depp Village.
Yep! He lives in my village. Or he has a house there, anyway.
That's probably the awesomest thing ever. I'll stalk him, make friends with his wife and be her personal nail technician and they'll employ my boyfriend as their private chef [cos he rules like Gordon Ramsay] and we'll all live happily ever after.

Then I'll sort my comments. When all that stuff happens. Which it will. Soon.
And a pink helicopter.
Come join me.

xxx BLARGH! xxx

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