Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Glee Cheerios and Neon Dragonfly days...

YAY! So I uploaded some new videos. The Glee one was a request, and the dragonfly one was just... well I decided I wanted to randomly make a neon insect design one day and that's what happened.

I wish my car looked like that.

Here's the Glee one.... I couldn't think of what to paint on nails that said "Glee", so I painted the cheerios uniform... with a pom-pom.

It was time consuming and required a lot of concentration, hence the weird angle. But it was super fun.

In other news, I randomly painted my right hand with what I wanted to be a "lazy left handed" design.
I don't know wether to YouTube it or not... I called it "Biker Strip Club" Although if I was to tube it, I probably wouldn't use that as the title....

**whispers** I have Nyan Cat on my other hand ;D


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  1. Biker strip club is top banana! Defo going to try this out...been stalking it for a couple of weeks now!