Friday, 7 October 2011

Purple Zebra Nails! And stuff like that....

So here's yet another water marble - I said I wouldn't just keep doing water marble designs unless I could think of something a bit different and original. And hopefully this one is.... or I haven't seen a purple zebra water marble anyway.

HOW COOL IS THIS.... They randomly happened to match my boyfriend's mum's birthday cake.

Far out, man.

And here's the sexy video. WOOHOO!

In other news, I recently found a YouTube nail art thief. She goes by the username lulucutieee.
She has stolen videos from MimiMemeko, ykhearts and goldiestarling and uploaded them as her own and tried to pass them off as her own work. Seriously I don't usually go round telling people off or trying to stop people misbehaving - leave em to it and karma will get them eventually, right? Well I couldn't keep quiet on this one. I absolutely had to comment telling her what she was doing was selfish and out of order... cos it is!!
They're not even my videos she's stolen and I'm already angry, so fuck knows how I'd react if she had stolen one of mine. I felt that the YouTubers she stole from had the right to know so I sent them a polite message to advise. Fortunately for this dirty stinking cheat, these YouTubers haven't been online for a while so she deleted my comments and continued.  I did re-comment... she's obviously not clever enough to block me...
My favourite gurus work hard to gain their views and subscribers so why the hell should she deserve any credit for it?!! She even has the nerve to spam people with "Check out my videos" !!
I wish to expose this thief. Here's a link to her channel so you can see for yourself:
clickkkk here....    xx

Hopefully this link won't work for long because her account will get suspended for violations....
Thiefs, liars and cheats disgust me. They bring out my inner bitch.

Despite that, the birthday cake was tasty and my nails were appreciated by many.
I have Pacman nails, Domo nails, and Tiger nails amongst others, but am unsure which to upload next... soooo many decisions ohhh I have such a hard life!

Oh well... at least they're actually mine. HA! Sorry. That was my inner bitch again...

CONGRATULATIONS to my lovely YouTube friend IndigoNova1 for becoming a YouTube partner! This lady deserves all the credit in the world for the awesome videos she's shared with us.
Check her out and go stroke her lovely new banner... ahhhh :)

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  1. awww, thanks Beth <3

    Gonna check out that nasty thief, where did I put my magnifying glass and pipe????