Monday, 5 September 2011

Halloween, Ears and Mentalness...

Ok so it's been a while since I've done anything on here so this might be a massive huge long story full or randomness and stuff... but there will obviously be some nails. I can't go a whole day without nails, man!

Anyway, the last bank holiday weekend I went with my cousin Rachel to London. Rachel is the shorter nailed model you may have seen on some of my designs on facebook. She took me to London as a thank you for all the nails I've painted on her. We were meant to go to Notting Hill Carnival but because of all the riots and stuff going on in the UK they closed it early so we ended up missing most of it.
Thanks, UK thugs. You're so helpful with your lovely riots.

On a more positive note, while I was there I went to CAMDEN MARKET!! I've always dreamt of going there and I just HAD to buy some weird stuff to wear.

This rainbow thing is SO AMAZING!! It goes with everything in my wardrobe and actually fits my massive manly long arms!! It has a pointy pixie hood and it's totally handmade so each one is different. The man wanted to sell it for £30 but I got it for £24. Meheheh. Very nice, helpful man but seeing as he as good as forced me to buy it I had to flutter my eyelashes to get a discount ;)

I fell in love with it and I know I have ears already but I had to have it <3 I just noticed that one of the pockets is on the wrong side?!! How weird. Oh well, fuck it at least I can say it has "character" haha.
Perfect for the winter months and they totally match my Doc Martens.
Ears are a must-have wardrobe item. Everyone should wear ears.

Yeah so that's what I bought from Camden - check out my sexy posing. I don't try to look nice and photogenic cos I always fail. More fun to just pull faces. BLAAAA!!

We went clubbing in the Electric Ballroom. I ended up dancing to Justin Bieber. That was vodka's fault. Not mine. CAMDEN YOU DISAPPOINTED ME!! No but seriously it was an awesome nite. Not a SINGLE bloke tried to grope me or use a filthy chat up line. It was amazing. Much more classy than the skanks I always meet [and try to escape from] in Weston-shitty-Mare.
Camden is cool. So is the rest of London... but I don't think I could stay there for more than a week. I'm a country girl. I like to be able to drive down the road without stopping every two metres!


I've recently done a lot of re-uploading on my YouTube videos. Reason is because if I was ever offered revenue sharing, the Audioswap videos can't be used. And my first 40 videos have Audioswap on them. I've only just learned this. I'm hoping my lovely subbies won't get too pissed off with all the re-uploads. I'm uploading at least one new one per week so it's not like I'm recycling old material.

Here's my most recent nails - YouTube and non YouTube ones...

Bad Ass Leopard and Early Halloween Ghosts. I'm excited about halloween nails.

Rainbows - this is on Rachel - she wanted something more simple but I didn't understand her and painted this by accident... she LOVED it so yaaaaay!!

Peacock - this was my first ever peacock design on Tanya - I drove to the middle of nowhere to do a full set of acrylics and some funky peacocks as per her request - and I'd do anything for her cos she's awesome. We had a mental time I think we got high on the fumes cos we were talking about "Acrylates" the whole time...
Sort out your acrylates... ahhh I can't take it there's too many acrylates!!!

Super - fun!!

And these are from my collaboration from superminx66 -  we both had so much fun doing hem and it looks like we've totally set a trend - Robin Moses responded to my video!! She did some funky kick ass graffiti pop-art nails and they're just amazing. I was so excited to see them.

And now another girl has said she wants to paint them and video response too.

So yeah, productive couple of weeks.

Talk soon peeps, keep smiling!!

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