Thursday, 6 December 2012

Glitter and Smarties. Glarties.

I have been nomming on Smarties and painting my nails with Orly "Sunglasses At Night" which was sent to me by one of my YouTube besties ArcadiaNailArt cos she's cool and safe and mental and completely awesome.

I love to arrange things in rainbow order. Especially Smarties.

I was feeling a bit nostalgic. Remember when Smarties had plastic different coloured lids with letters on? I used to collect them and write rainbow words. I didn't always have every letter though so they'd say things like "hip hup hop" or "dip dap dop"...

I always ended up with lots of p's and d's. Or are they both the same? H was quite popular too...

And then the B@$T@7D$ changed them and now they have paper lids. No more fun games where you whack the empty tube on the table and see what you hit when the lid shoots off. They still have the plastic lids on the big tubes, like the one I'm holding here, but it's just not the same. My lid was orange today and had a picture of a raccoon on it. I can't spell anything with that!


I still love you though, because you're rainbowy and sweet. And you DO always have the answer. You're who I turn to in my hour of need.
Thank you, Smarties.
Your lids will always be missed, but your sugary goodness will still always be nommed.

Thank you. Please enjoy Smarties excessively and irresponsibly this Christmas.

I am not sponsored by Smarties. I am just a complete nut job. Probably all the excessive irresponsible Smartie consumption.

Friday, 30 November 2012

Lazy Leopards and Colourful Bombsite

It's been a while since I wrote here and I thought I'd share a couple of my latest lazy leopards.

I've seen a lot of girls who make indie custom polishes and they always seem to make these weird matte glitters, and glitters in creme polishes. I love the effect but I don't usually buy nail polish over the internet, especially when it's just ONE bottle and it's being shipped from halfway across the world.
But I found this one in Superdrug by Accessorize. Conveniently named "Leopard Moth". It's actually amazing and applies smoothly and perfectly without any effort or glitter manipulation. I had just spent about an hour painting my left hand for a tutorial and lost track of time so this design was kind of like, shit I've got fifteen minutes before I have to leave the house and I can't go out with one plain hand. So I just scribbled some quickie leopard spots on the tips and topcoated...

I went out to see a kick-ass band called Alabama 3 in Bristol and my outfit was black and pink, cat inspired and slightly gothic. I guess I should have taken a pic of my outfit and pink leopard eye make up but I ended up getting really drunk and forgot. Hey ho I'm only human.. WOO!!
I quite like them in this order. Makes a change from the thumb and ringfinger "accent nail" jobby.

The boiler man came round today un-announced. I usually like to make sure it's super tidy before people come in but I was in the middle of doing absolutely everything at once and my flat is a complete dive... oops!

Me: Sorry for the mess... I'm an artist.
Boiler Man: Haha no worries. Is this room an "artistic expression" then?
Me: No. I'm just very "abstract" with my version of clean and tidy.
Boiler man: .....       o_O    

Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Okay so remember these Rainbow Death Cupcakes?

So my boyfriend went off to see a boring-ass movie with Wayne, while me and Jenny had some much needed nail painting times. Jenny likes dark things, like sketchy fairies and mushrooms and shimmery purple stuff, as opposed to pretty hearts and rainbow sweetness but she said I could do whatever I wanted.

Whoever I'm painting, I still like to try and suit their style and sense of taste so I just had this random thought and I said, let's change the absolute fuck out of the Rainbow Death Cupcakes and make them less "Me" and more "You"!!!
So it kinda got dark halfway through and the lighting in the kitchen was REALLY crap. I feel quite proud that I managed to somehow still paint. Halfway through this half lit epic concentrated struggle, Jenny realised she had a lamp, retrieved it and we all lived happily ever after!

Here's my "Sketchy Skull Fairy Cakes"

The possibilities are endless with cupcakes. The possibilities are endless with animal print too.
OMG it's just too exciting to handle.

But now I want to make real life animal print sketchy cupcakes. I wonder if anyone would eat them.
I would xD

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Naughty Nail Polish. TEE-HEE!!

AHEM: DISCLAIMER! Do not read if you're a total nun who likes to moan about suggestive words or sentences. Kthanks :D

Firstly, I had a Bad Case of Blue Balls on my hands...


Yup, my nail mail came today and I am wearing two epic colours from the adult content filled "Dolly Does Polish" collection.

I literally got home from work to find my postman had casually wedged the package as far into my letterbox as it would fit...

Seriously. That's the new logo I have designed for the postal services in Portishead. Shuddup it doesn't look anything like the original. It's got a new hat. See!


I knew exactly what it was and I painted them on my nails straight away!! I can't completely capture how shiny and pretty they are IRL but I tried my best.  I found them super easy to apply and was satisfied after two coats of each. I think these two colours go fabulously together!

A Bad Case Of Blue Balls in sunlight [ish]

Baby Gravy in sunlight [ish]

Blue Balls with flash. YAY SHINY!!

Baby Gravy with flash. MMM CREAMY!!!

Yup, both my hands are different lengths. Variety is the spice of life!
I'm really happy with these colours. I don't usually buy nail polish on the internet but these won't be my last purchase from Dolly I know that for sure!

Shiny things. So excited to share these <3

Love you guys, thanks for reading
xx mwah! xx

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Bad Pictures, Fast Nails and Epic Times

Yesterday I went to Alton Towers with Mister DQ, two friends and two teenage lads.

And it was the most EPIC DAY EVER!!

The weather was like, the hottest I've ever experienced yet the queues were actually okay. I just totally had to share these snaps with you guys.

I was at work [no nail polish allowed] till past 11pm the night before and had to leave to catch the bus at 6am the next day so I had NO time to paint Alton Towers nails. Haha. So I grabbed four colours that matched my outfit and a topcoat and painted them on the bus.

Here are my "Bus Nails" - I think that considering I painted them at 60mph on a clunky Bakers Dolphin coach with absolutely nothing to lean on, they didn't turn out too bad. I was leant sideways against the window with my hand spread against the seat in front of me when painting with my left hand. It was like a fun "gameshow challenge" and I WON because I didn't come out covered in slime. YEAH!!

Ok I'm an Alton Towers whore and I learn where cameras are. Mister DQ has never been before in his life so it was all new...WHEEE!


We're strapped in kinda lying down under the track so it's like we're "flying". Last time I tried a Superman pose but it looked more like I was trying to punch someone in the face. So I went with this instead...


0-100kmph in 2.5 seconds. The ride is meant to represent a racing car... or I think it might be a getaway car... the camera flashes the SECOND you shoot off the station. This is what I do when I drive past police cars and speed cameras. It means "woohoo I'm speeding with no hands look at my sexy naaaaiiiillllssss!!"


New ride. Never been on it before. Won't give away the secret. Trust me, the shock value of not knowing is REALLY worth it. Had no idea where the camera was. My other half is snapped mid-sentence saying "SWEEEEEEEET!!"


The worlds first vertical drop coaster. Been on it about 30 times and the queuing and the suspension before the drop shits me up the same EVERY time. Best ride, ever. Some friends have described it as "Topping yourself, except you don't die and it's EPIC!" I think it's kinda like driving a car over a cliff edge. Except you fly up through a tunnel at the last minute instead of crashing.

Mister DQ wussed out. My 38 year old boyfriend watched 12 year old girls walk past into the queue and said "I don't wanna go on it" Yeah some stuff was said and cursed by me and our friends and he eventually wussed back in cos he knew he'd regret it. We live about 250 miles away from this place man. I would NEVER have let him forget that.

Our train had moved about 2 metres from the station and the ride broke down. That was funny. He changed his mind again but once you've left the station it's too late. HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

It didn't take long to fix, the ride happened and I thought that this pose would be soooo perfect to go with whatever was on his face [which I couldn't see] and it totally did!

Actual Rule:

Never go to Alton Towers without going on Oblivion. If you've never been, just obey this rule and you'll understand.

And in other news, I was totally just accepted for YouTube partner. YAYYYY!

Thanks so much to everyone who has ever watched my videos. I'll always be super grateful and never forget all the awesomeness and how everyone's inspired me. I couldn't have done it without you <3

I have no clue about all this banner stuff though. I guess that means I'm gonna have to read things...

Come on, brain. We can DO THIS!!!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

I'm Female. I Multi-Task. Sorta.

No matter what goes on in my life, I have ALWAYS found time to be creative. I can't live without it. When times are hard it's the best thing ever to escape into a magical world of colourful pretty things :)

My dream job is not to be a waitress. But it's actually a really fun local job that I love and the people there are just as insane as me. But working 37 hours a week means I have less time to paint my nails. Obviously in a kitchen we're not allowed to wear nail polish so I'm having to be wayyyy more organised with my time in order to paint my nails between work...

I found this awesome UK based website called The Make Up Bag through a Facebook post. This site has LA COLORS for £1.29. If you're from America then that may not sound amazing to you. But here in the UK you'd be suuuper lucky to find nail polish like that so cheap. I bought about 11 bottles and it cost me roughly £13-£14. Best deal ever. I love them all.

I had no time to make a video on this day but these three colours are Magnetic Force [red one] Summertime [pink one] and Shock [yellow one].

I used slightly darker acrylic paints for the leopard dots. Hope you like my shifty summer quickie!!


Jenny went to a salon to have some sneaky acrylics done. So she greeted me on Friday night with a lovely canvas to paint these flames on.

We hang out and have some beers and discuss unicorns and politics and paint nails. I did not intend for these to even look like this. I started painting the outline of some flames on the second or third finger and Jenny was like, "yay wow cool" and we said some funny shit and made some strange noises and I moved onto the next nail without finishing it... It was a total disorganised slightly intoxicated mess. We chatted and laughed our asses off about unpublishable weirdness whilst I went backwards and forwards painting random nails...

And this is how they turned out.

I found a LOL pic on Facebook that said "YOU LOOK FINE" above the bathroom sink instead of a mirror. I have no mirror above my bathroom sink and I'm so freakin inspired right now.

Once I've finished editing my videos I'm totally gonna have a bathroom sesh with my paintbrush. TEE-HEEEE!!!!

All this means I'm gonna have to actually get out of bed in the mornings.

Restaurants don't have early shifts. But painting does.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Autism Awareness Month

I've noticed Autism has become more and more recognized in the years I've been on this planet. Everybody who has been to school has probably known other kids with "special needs" who are a bit different. Maybe a bit weird, lonely or abnormally quiet.

I do not wish to post personal stuff and big gory details about everything that's happened in my life, but I still have a lot to say... I think.

I am not writing this for attention or to jump on the bandwagon and say "oooh Autism awareness day let's get in on some fame or something cos it's like, the in-thing that everyone's talking about" Hence why I didn't post these nails on YouTube.

Trust in me when I say: I know EXACTLY what I'm talking about, and I'm deadly serious. I am writing this from the heart and with MUCH respect to anyone who may read it.

If you're aware of something and you understand it, you probably won't have a problem with it. Everybody at some point has something they don't know how to do. Everyone has struggled, or is maybe still struggling with some part of their life, or their mind in some way. Some have worse times than others. Everyone is so different, and that's why everyone is so great!

Autism is not a disease, nor is it contagious or curable. Some of the quiet, lonely kids you knew may have had Autism, or Aspergers. Aspergers is a mild form of Autism. Different people have it at different levels. It's really common in boys. A boarding school near where I lived ten years ago which was specifically for boys and girls on the Autistic spectrum had 45 boys and 7 girls. That's a huge difference.

I will say when I went to college at first, for two years I did an employment extension course which had people from ages 15 to 45 with all kinds of different reasons for being there. Some had left school early and didn't get good grades, or don't know what to do for a job. Some had disabilities. Physical and psychological. There were girls, boys, women and men with dyslexia, cerebal palsy, Down's syndrome, anger issues, hard of hearing, and of course, a few people with Autism and Aspergers.

Throughout those years we ALL went on trips together, holidays, team and confidence building classes, hairdressing, car maintenance, maths... and we all hung out together and had love and respect for everyone. In college I noticed people aren't as mean as they are in school. Some of us obviously were given shit from time to time, but that happens so everyone in life. But those two years were the best years of my life. I met so many amazing people there, and learned that whatever kind of "special needs" you may have. What you may lack in one area, you most likely KICK ASS at something else. That's why everyone is equal. Don't dismiss the weird kid. Go and be weird with them. They might be a stupid c*nt - you've got that risk with everyone. But you'll most likely learn that they're really cool and awesome and you could end up with a friend for life.

People with Autism appear strange, lonely or unusual. Because... yeah it's hard to explain.

It's almost like being in a different world to everyone, even though they're with you and you're talking to them having a normal conversation. Facial expressions and body language aren't always clear. Sometimes not noticeable at all. Someone with Autism might not understand that you're upset when your tone of voice changes dramatically. They might just carry on with whatever they're doing without giving you a second look. And obviously that sometimes looks really rude or obnoxious, but they're absolutely NOT being rude at all. If you don't know that someone's upset, you wouldn't think of asking or apologising.

Very stubborn, specific and sometimes obsessive minds. I know that things usually have to be specific and go a certain way. Some more than others. And if someone throws a spanner in the works and what you're doing ends up going in a different direction, it may be a lot harder to cope with than some people take for granted. Sometimes really hard. Even for the small things like, your bus taking a slightly different route and dropping you off at the bus stop on the other side of the road. In severe cases, something like that could be impossible to cope with. To the point where you have to sit in a slightly different chair for work/school today and that could end up wrecking your whole day. It's more of a big deal than some people imagine. Like if there was a kink in a train track... the train might just stop. Until somebody can find a solution so it can start going again.

AMAZING MEMORY SKILLS! Usually the higher you are on the Autistic spectrum, the more awesome of a photographic memory you probably have. A young Autistic boy flew over London ONCE in a helicopter and then he drew a picture of it. When compared to the birds eye view photo of London, he had got every single detail perfect. Every building, every road, you could almost say that he traced it. But he didn't. He saw it once and remembered it.

I've heard of a few Autistic musically talented people. Some can listen to a song for the first time and then play it note for note straight away on the piano. It's really weird, but completely true, and amazing.

Okay there are so many different levels and different symptoms that it's impossible to put an explanation in a paragraph... or twelve.

I sometimes say: Sheldon from the Big Bang theory is a perfect example. And who doesn't LOVE Sheldon?? I know I do :) He's a scientist with lovely math and physics inspired fashion sense.

You can learn about it in actual English from someone who can write properly ...---> here <---...
 if you're even remotely intrigued enough to get scientifically anal about it ;)

A lot of people say "I suffer with Aspergers" or "My son suffers with Autism" which is a fair comment because yes, they do "suffer" with simple everyday social situations that nobody else ever thinks about. If you understand why it might be hard for them, they don't suffer. And if you notice that they're actually awesome clever people waiting for an opportunity to shine, they'll never suffer.

But this rule goes for everyone. Take some time to talk, listen and learn about the people around you who are different. I did, and everyone at college did with each other. And I never got annoyed with any of my friends for walking too slowly, not talking properly, throwing a strop about absolutely nothing because I knew WHY they were like that and knew that they were awesome people and good friends. I'd have patience and help them out. I knew they'd always do the same for me if I ever needed someone.

They were "Those Kids" - the weird, quiet, sometimes angry or lonely kids you remember from when you were a young'un and in school.

Some people were nasty to those kids because of the way they were. When you're young and immature it seems kinda funny to make fun of someone who's different from you and you feel like you're better than them because you made them cry.

Some people were friends with those kids.

Some were true friends who stuck by them through thick and thin.

Some were two faced and joined in with the nasty kids when it suited them.

Some people WERE those kids.

Probably a lot more people than you think.

Perhaps you were one.

I most definitely was. I still am now, and I always will be! And it's the best thing ever.

Because I learned to embrace what I may or may not have been born with with a positive attitude because I've met some fucking beautiful, amazing inspirational people in my life and I feel lucky to have lived for 25 years. I could die tomorrow. So could you. So yay for today, yay for you and yay for MEEEE!

That's something everyone is capable of doing if they wanted to try. Whoever you are or whatever way you may think, see, walk or talk.

Sure, Ignorance is Bliss

But Learning is a Mind-Blowingly Beautiful Experience.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Rainbow Shorties and Oreos

So I cut my nails short.

Not because of popular demand. Simply because I felt like it and I know they'll grow back pretty quickly. Whilst I was short I decided to recreate a design I'd previously done. My Rainbow Flower Water Marble:

This video had soooo many comments saying that you need long nails to do the design and I always COMPLETELY disagree!! I know each design will look slightly different depending on the size, shape and length of the nail, but it still looks just as great!

And I know my nails are still not actually "short" because I have long nail beds. I cannot physically cut them any further without chopping the ends of my fingers off!

One thing I CAN cut as much as I like though are my trusty practice nails. I cut a few of my smallest sized falsies in more than half and tried out a few designs on them.

I STILL got all six colours in because I used a dotting tool instead of a sponge to apply all the nail polish colours.

DOTTING TOOL!! Shorties can make rainbows with dotting tools! Why didn't I think of that before??!!

But anyway look, here are some pictures and comparisons of my even shorter nails.

Here's how the rainbow looks before the marble
I tried to put them in order from long to short
Next to my index and middle finger
This is the smallest nail next to my index finger
And here it is compared to my pinky.

Okay so I can't even get my fake nails any shorter than that because I can't hold them and file them. Something I know I can do better with long nails. You might think I'm taking the piss but I'm actually finding a lot of things MORE difficult without long nails. It's because I'm not used to it. But it is pretty cool though cos I keep missing things... it's like my fingers are drunk.

So anyway I hope you all have enjoyed my little rainbow water marble nail art project. I really hope that more people can see now that you can do nail art on any length of nail. If your nails are short or long, just adapt, shrink or add to the design to fit your size.

In other random news, here are some things that made me smile recently:

Most epic wallpost I have ever received

Oreo Boner!

I do smile when people share their Oreo boners with me. Or any other kind of biscuit/cookie erection for that matter :)

That's all I have to say for today :)

I love you guys <3

xx mwah xx

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Rainbow Rehab?

Okay so I've got quite an addictive mind. Meaning I'm one of those people who can become completely addicted to something, do it all the time and almost never do anything else. Whereas other people who have hobbies or things they like to do all the time can still know when to give it a rest and go and do something else. I've been "addicted" and "obsessed" with a few things in my time and have managed to give them a break or quit when I know I'm doing too much. It's always been fine.

My addictions that I've learned to either control, quit, or S.T.F.U about because everyone's sick of hearing me blab about it all the time:

  • Giraffes
  • Cats
  • Pink
  • Alton Towers, and the full detailed description of how amazing Oblivion is from start to finish, exactly where the cameras are located, and the exact pose I did when I went past it
  • My sexy long haired supervisor at my call centre job who had to obey "do not sleep with or date your colleagues" policies
  • Tea. Actual normal English tea
  • Smoking
  • Tea and smoking at the same time
  • My best boy mate who I spent almost 24/7 causing chaos with
  • Chocolate
  • Sausages
  • Swearing like an absolute fucking trooper
  • Painting nails
  • Painting lighters
  • Painting people's stuff they don't want painted
  • The end of the world
  • Sunrise Festival
  • The fact that Sunrise Festival 2012 might be the last Sunrise Festival ever if the end of the world occurs
  • Cars
  • Pink cars
  • The fact that my life sucks because I don't have a pink car and will never be happy until I own one. Preferably a Nissan Figaro
  • Nissan Figaros

Seriously, those are things that have taken up pretty much 95% of my life for the past 25 years. But it's okay because I know I can give them all a rest whenever I want and do housework, car maintenance, go to see friends, bands, shopping, pay bills, be normal etc etc.

But I think I have a new addiction that I may never be able to control. I think I've always had it inside of me.... but now it's grown and exploded and I've posted it on the internet, and I've seen other people post similar things on the internet, and it's all over the place now. I feel kinda safe knowing that other people may share my addiction so I'm not a lonely Nyan cat wannabe or anything, but...

EPIC rainbows everywhere!! They make me so happy and I can't stop painting them, wearing them, watching them on the internet, offering rainbows as a solution to people's problems, forcing grey people to have a rainbow or two in their life, secretly knowing that soon enough their whole life will revolve around rainbows.

When you see a real one, in the sky you totally point and say "Yay, rainbow!" don't you? There's just nothing more satisfying than a rainbow.

And now I have one in my flat!!

And now it's there, the rest of the walls look plain.... I don't know how this will end, but I think there's gonna be more because I smile every time I look at it. I'm pretty much hooked for life. If there was a rainbow rehab I wonder what it would be like... maybe if I ever overcome my obsession I might make one and help all the other rainbow addicts who are one step away from jail for going on a massive Nyan Spree.

Now I'm wondering if car mechanics can make exhaust fumes rainbow coloured instead of grey and smokey... I'd put ears on my Astra and drive at 150mph. Real life Nyan Car!!

Inhale the rainbows, bitches!! WOOHOO!

In other news, here's a picture my friend tagged me in on Facebook when I was out NOT doing rainbows. Technically I was clapping and cheering at a kick-ass band, but I like to think he captured my magic helicopter powers in action and this would be incriminating evidence if the roof of The Salthouse had happened to be blown off that night. I laughed for about 15 minutes straight when I saw this:

And my long haired supervisor changed job roles, did what he was allowed and now lives with me in my rainbow land! If you look carefully you can see him on the right ;)

Full of epic win.

This blog was a bit trippy and random, but full of grammatically correct sentences. All the way through.

As JennaMarbles would say: It was on my mind... and now it's on the internet. WHEEE!!

Monday, 20 February 2012

RAINBOW ANIMALS on Everyone's Nails!

Okay so recently I've been doing SO much animal print it's unreal.

It's like an addiction that I think there should be a rehab centre for. Firstly I get addicted to nail art, and then I start seeing these wonderful rainbow animals all over the place and have to paint them everywhere!!

I'm planning to paint a slice of my wall with rainbow zebra quite soon.

For the time being, here's a few reinbow animals I did on me and some other random nails.

Or, here's shitloads of nails. Pretty pictures with captions, yay!!

It started with these. They were inspired from EVERYTHING colourful, and Zebras. I also saw Colette from SimpleLittlePleasues do an Acid Leopard nail art and it inspired me to respond it with my Zebra!

And I like to contrast my life all over the place so I painted these. I was inspired by February, my grey zebra coffee mug and the carpark full of grey, white, black and silver cars outside my flat. Seriously. That's all there were.

Ok this is gonna sound weird but I was watching the end of a cigarette burning and I imagined lots of those would look like fire leopards :)
After a few falsie tryouts I tried out this colour and animal combination...
Here is the blue and yellows on Jenny's nails. I actually had no idea how drunk I was when I was painting these... Don't worry guys. We were hanging out. She's my friend and we're well safe. I don't recommend professional nail techs and artists get drunk before painting paying client's nails. LOL!!
It always looks more appealing on the thumbs. I love thumbs. I wish they faced the same way as all the other nails though because they're hard to angle. We have "suicidal thumb" pose, where you hang your hand off the edge of the table with only your thumb hanging on to the top...

This is Jody [I hope I spelled it right] - was slightly sober-er when I painted these. My camera obviously wasn't. Awesome.

Much clearer on the thumbs, yay! Neon pink is Color Club Yum Gum. Pink base is a Franken from a load of neon pink random shizzle in my crashy nail art bag.

Okay and here's some randomers.
Rachel came to have her nails painted and I had no camera so Rachel's pic is a few days old...
And I totally did some nails for a wedding. It was my cousin but I feel well posh :)
I was kinda disappointed that she just wanted french tip acrylics cos I wanted to be all bad-ass creative and match her flower arrangement [something I am soooo not doing at mine...] but me and her mum managed to convince her to have some sexy gems on her ringfinger...

Cousin Heidi [bride] literally never has nails, ever. I turned her hands into lady hands for elegant marriage purposes, yay!
Aunty Ange [bride's mum] dress matching. I need to remember to photo the darn outfits too. Sorry :( She looked mental though. 

And these two designs were inspired by cool YouTuber IndigoNova1 - you can find tutorials for these on her channel   HERE  <<k?

Rachel wears slightly chipped plaid nails in pink. Hope I did it justice! Rachel has chippy nails at the moment I'm trying to discipline her... 
Surprisingly easy to do with my left hand, bold retro wallpaper design in pink. I loved wearing these. They look epic from far away.

So recently with my nail art and life missions I have learnt:

Don't drink and do nail art.
If you're unsure, paint it pink!
And life is a neon rainbow.

Internet cats and rainbow animals will take over the world. It's already happening... *ahem*NYAN!*ahhhem!**

I still love you guys though. Even if you do get bitten and become rainbow-zombiefied!



Tuesday, 17 January 2012

COLLABORATION! Come join us and unite...

Friday I'm in Love!

We would like to invite all artists to join us in a YouTube collaboration.

If you saw or took part in the "Let it Snow" collab on 5th December 2011, you will be familiar with this, and hopefully excited. Yay!

A lot of people joined in and showed the most awesome support in Let it Snow and said that we should do this more often, so the lovely Robin Moses has invited us to come together and unite again to show our love for nail art in a pre-valentine's day art collaboration.

The theme and title for this collaboration: FRIDAY I'M IN LOVE!

Inspired by song lyrics by The Cure, we would like to show our love for nail art on FRIDAY 3rd February 2012.

The design being anything inspired by love, valentines, stuff like that.

Paint your nails with love. Love inspired. However our love life is doing, or not doing, we still heart nail art. Yup, CHEESY!!

When you've made your video or picture slide of your awesome design, simply join in by uploading on Friday 3rd February, Title your video "Friday I'm in Love by [whoeveryouare]" and when you see another Friday I'm in Love video, video response it!! And we'll then be joined together again in another epic collaboration.

Please invite any other artists, new peeps and super old massive famous peeps too. Even if you don't really make videos. Share a few pictures in a slide or post them on Facebook :)

If you have any questions, PLEASE DON'T POST THEM HERE COS I CAN'T REPLY!!

Ask me on Facebook or YouTube and I'll be your friend forever. :D

Also, let me know if there's anything you think I may have forgotten.


Thank you all for reading and your lovely support. I'm always forever grateful for all you guys.

xx mwah! xx