Friday, 15 July 2011

My Experience on YouTube so far...

So I've been into nail art since I was about nine years old, but only started taking it seriously about a year ago. I was on google randomly looking at nails, and clicked on a cute looking strawberry design.
This design happened to be the famous Strawberry Nail Art by the now super-famous cutepolish. After snooping around her channel for a while I noticed a lot of other girls were making nail art videos too. Some amateur, some professional. I was amazed by all their awesome designs and ideas so I re-created some of their designs on me and my friends and it was BRILLIANT fun!

I got a camera for Christmas 2010 and started fimling my own straight away. I didn't expect everyone to love it or subscribe a million times. I just painted from my imagination and then posted it to share with whoever wanted to watch.

I posted a few more after that and the response I got was amazing! It was so nice to hear everyone's feedback and compliments on my designs. I met loads of lovely nail art gurus - each and every one of them were lovely. The new beginners and the hardcore partners that had been doing it for years. That's one of the best things about painting nails on YouTube. The nail art community is full of friendly girls who are always sharing their designs, exchanging tips and advice, hosting contests... it's wonderful!
We all inspire and help each other out and I think it's the most beautiful thing ever!

Here's where it's at:

I've since made about 60 videos, some a LOT more popular than others. I've hosted a nail art contest, which was hard work, but so much fun. When I reach another milestone I will host another contest or giveaway. I feel I should do something every now and then, jut to say thanks to everyone for their support.

Haters...? I haven't really had any nasty haters yet, but I'm sure I will. I've had a couple of ridiculous comments from some people. But they're never intelligent enough to get remotely upset by. Things like "you're ugly" or "your nails are like stubs" - I know, what the fuck, right? But when I go to their channel to see how "great" they are, it's usually an empty channel with no videos or photos... and a lot of hate on their wall from other users who have had their videos trolled. And I usually laugh then. I wish them luck in their success on YouTube then politely block them :D

There are annoying factors that come with the awesomeness though. The messages from the "bots" usually titled "amazing videos" asking me to visit their "Sub4Sub" site. There's a lot of them. If you ever get one, BLOCK! The sites they send you are not safe!! And it kind of annoys me a bit that they insult my intelligence.
I always make it REALLY clear that I don't sub4sub. I think it's completely pointless because it's the views that count, and sub4subbers don't usually watch your videos.
Okay I guess you'd probably get more views with 2000 subs than with like, 50. But I want people to subscribe because THEY want to! I don't even go asking people to check me out. I know loads of people do and thats fine. But I like to just say hi, post a video and see what happens. At least this way I know all the love I receive is genuine.

When people write "sub me back??" on my wall, I usually ignore them. I know that might sound a bit bitchy and rude, but I actually read people's channels when I visit. I have written in capitals that I don't do it so when someone asks me regardless, that means they have taken no interest in my channel, or have ignored my request.

I subscribe to channels that I LIKE TO WATCH!
Ok, rant over :D

Since I've been YouTubing my nails, I've learned so much and made friends with some unforgettable people! The possibilities are endless with nail art and I have so much more to share.

I'm new to this blogging stuff, so just to make the post look colourful and exciting, I was going to post some pictures of my most recent designs, but for some reason this blog gives me the option to do so, then when I go to upload, it does nothing.... WTF?!!

So if anyone knows how to help me with this problem before I throw my computer across the room in frustration, your advice or knowledge would be received with much love and appreciation :D


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  1. This post is amazing! I started a YouTube account today so ive been trying to find other Nail Polish channels. Thanks! This advice was very helpful :) I plan on making my first video tomorrow (all very exciting!) Your channel is one of the 1st channels I've followed! Haha my channel ha a very simple name- AimeesNails. That's my blog also :) Ive followed your blog aswell, it's amazing!
    -Aimee- x