Friday, 25 November 2011

A MASSIVE Collaboration: Let It Snow!

Recently, me and my favourite artist Robin Moses have been chatting about life in the YouTube nail art community. We have noticed, and I'm sure we're not the only ones - that even though there are a lot of awesome artists and lovely YouTube girls and boys putting themselves out there and sharing their art with the world, there is also a lot of bitchiness and hate that goes along with it.

We've all seen the occasional cheats and thieves who will take someone's idea and try to pass it off as their own without giving credit.

We've also read so many comments and discussions where there is a lot of jealousy and accusations. These days on YouTube, if people see a design that's similar to something they've seen before, they will immediately say "YOU COPIED THIS FROM *insert artists name here* " when that is simply not the case. Sometimes we just have the same ideas, especially when there's an event such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas... or even Nyan Cat!

So we decided to make a stand - make a statement, stamp out all the hate and make some love and connections instead!


On Monday 5th December 2011, we are having a "Let It Snow" day. Here's the deal:

If you like to paint art on your nails, or your face, we'd love you to make a video.

Make a nail art tutorial, or a make up tutorial based on the theme "SNOW" - it can be snowflakes, snowmen, evil snow queen makeup, frosty icicle inspired nail tips... let your imagination run wild and be arty as fuck with ice and snow inspired pretty things!

Title your video "LET IT SNOW by [yournamegoeshere]" and upload it to YouTube on Monday the 5th December. And then when you find another Let It Snow video that you like, video response it! And accept any Let it Snow video responses that you may recieve. Basically, we'll all just attach our videos together randomly so we're all holding hands and painting together.


You don't have to be subscribed to anyone, you don't have to Like or follow anyone's page - you just have to paint snow, upload and attach your video with someone :D


We want to show the YouTube artist community that we are NOT in competition with each other - but that we are all friends, we are painting together, learning from each other and inspired to try new things with our art.

If you paint something because you saw someone else paint it - SAY SO!! If your design is inspired by another artist, then that's a REALLY GREAT thing to do. It's beautiful. But say the name of the person who inspired you and give credit to them for the idea. "This design is inspired by *originalartistnamehere* and this is my version, thanks *artist* for the idea" and perhaps post a link to their original video/picture so everyone can check it out.

It's the right thing to do. It makes you look good and respectful and the original artist can be recognised for their awesomeness as well as you!

By joining in on this massive collaboration, we will be showing everyone that we're here to share, support and cheer each other on. No hate is needed - and we stick together instead of bitching and saying "mine's better" or "you're not as good as the other girls".

There are new artists coming to YouTube all the time and they should feel welcome. They should feel excited to join in and be friends. Not scared that they will be accused of being a wannabe or a copycat, or that they'll be compared to others simply because they have less experience or less views/subscribers than some others.

So it doesn't matter if you're a professional with 20 years experience and you can make impossible amazing reallistic looking creations,

Or if you're only 14 years old with five bottles of nail polish and a crappy little paintbrush and absolutely no idea what to do.

If all the above rules and proposals sound good to you, and you want to be a part of this - we will WELCOME you with EPIC love!! Seriously. Come join us with whatever art or skill level you have and we'll let it snow SO hard on December 5th that the YouTube monkeys will have to get their salt machines and snow plows and 4x4 trucks out on the road so people can still drive to work safely.

Loads of artists have already responded and said they're totally going to join us, and we want to make this as MASSIVE as possible.

This is going to be EPIC. And if YOU join us, it will be even more epic. You will be contributing to the glass being even more than half full!

If you have any questions or would like to say something, please don't ask in the comments on this post - cos I can't reply!! Facebook or YouTube message me or Robin. Here are the sexy links:

I hope you can ALL join us. I can't wait to see everyone's Let It Snow art.


Many thanks beautiful people.

Much love and respect to you all in your unique awesomeness. Every single one of you



Thursday, 3 November 2011

Imagination, Halloween and lots of WTF paragraphs.

It's been a while since I posted here... I've been so busy [and still am] so this post might just be me talking a load of crap and posting recent nails and colourful shit...

That's what I do anyway so yeah, mental.

Since mastering the art of water marbling, I've become addicted to it and want to make a million videos of it but... there are soooo many water marble nail art videos on YouTube that I don't want to repeat the same thing as everyone else.

After I did the rainbow flower water marble I got loads of peeps saying they tried it too but with clear polish or with different colours and I just thought there must be sooo many more new things we can do with it that haven't been seen before :) Girls are always coming up with new ideas that make you say "wow that's amaze, why didn't I think of that?!"

One of my fave water marble specialists, Indigonova1 did this water marble with foil! It's just insanely epic...


We're just never gonna run out of ideas... if only we didn't have to go to work and school and do housework and all the other important things so we could just sit and paint our nails all day...

I made butterflies - or butterfly wings... I did them on my own nails and then on my friend Jenny's nails later that day.. I love re-painting my designs on shorter nailed people cos I get quite a few comments saying "I can't do this because my nails aren't as long as yours" - I SERIOUSLY believe that all "long nailed designs" can be done on short nails too. The design may look slightly different, you may have to have smaller or less details, but it still looks awesome. So I like to prove it by actually doing it. I obviously can't do it much cos I aint gonna cut my nails short and I don't always have a short nailed friend ready to be painted for my videos... ha!

Anyway these are my butterflies:

I'd LOVE to see if anyone else has done these, and I can't wait to share even more new water marble ideas with you guys :D imagination is as big as the universe..... it's infinite.

Think outside the box... let's put wings on cars and let our cats smoke herbal cigarettes. You never know what excitement you may discover from it :)

Anyways, I've noticed since joining the nail art community a lot of people are quick to accuse artists of copying other people's work. I swear that "you copied this from cutepolish" is the most commonly used sentence in the comment sections of the nail art community. It is nice that so many people want to protect their favourite artists, but it's insane how unobservant people are. Most people will credit the artist in the video if they have "copied" a design. And most other times it's just a fucking similar design! Seriously...more than one person has painted zebra nails, and flower nails, and butterfly nails... a lot of people think the same things without knowing anything about it...

I got a few unobservant "you copied Robin Moses" comments for this one:

Yeah I re-created the design, did it on my nails in my own way. I video responsed her, mentioned her in the actual video, and said "check out her original design here...[link]" in the first paragraph of the info bar... so I basically credited the shit out of her and some people still seem to be bliiiind...

Anyway, here's the original. Robin fucking kicks ASS at nails and I love her. Literally. I want to marry all her designs.. I wish that was legal:

And back to originality, someone asked me to do "Mario Mushroom Nails" and I knew if I did anything remotely similar to the lovely cutepolish Mario design, I'd end up losing my temper with the amout of "copycat" comments I would recieve.

I love cutepolish. But I don't want my designs to be ANYTHING like hers... or anyone elses.

This is the Mario Mushroom design I came up with:

YUP! Green and shiny. Purple mushrooms are the way forward in life. Well, they are on my planet anyway.


The internet has been insane over Halloween but we don't reeeally celebrate it much here - I mean, we do but not as much as they do in the USA. I hope I'm not being too stereotypical - we all have our own ways and beliefs and they're all mental and respected. But to be honest, where I live it's really just an excuse to dress up like a total freak and get completely drunk...I've never been trick or treating in my life...

But I was invited to a fancy dress "Halloween night" at short was well weird - it was at this warehouse with portaloos [the shitty ones, not like the lovely ones you get at festivals] and the main focus was a ping-pong tournament. Yeah like, a huge warehouse with a bar, alcohol, loads of zombies and weird funny drunk people, and about four massive ping-pong tables ... it was weird.

Anyway I didn't have time to make up a costume so I went as a neon pink cat [cos I obviously have a neon pink cat outfit, duhh!] - I WISH I had photos of my full blown neon pink cat outfit but I haven't been facebook tagged yet and I was too smashed to be bothered taking photos with my camera...

My lovely boyfriend went as a more discreet, black "Ninja cat" - his wardrobe is shameful and would probably all fit into ONE drawer... so he didn't have anything remotely fancy to wear... hence why I painted his nails! You gotta at least try, c'mon!

I used a matte topcoat so they weren't too shiny and didn't "look gay" < his words. He's 38 by the way :)

I painted just the thumbs ... when he's holding his pint and you're chatting with him and chinking glasses... you may look at his beer and see that NINJA CAT IS WATCHING YOOOOU!

There was this guy - he was wearing a pair of stripey tights on his head with a Barbie head hanging from one of them and a sign on his back saying "Legalize Crime"

I thought he was a legend. HAHAHA!

So yeah, I'm still moving house - I'm sleeping everywhere and trying to pay bills and sort insurance and boring shit out absolutely everywhere right now... I still haven't fixed my blog comments so I'm silent in my replies :(

The amount of stress I have in my life right now is absolutely ridiculous... some days I feel I could just Godzilla everywhere and murder everyone in a loud destructive violent rage... but I still will find time to do nails and hang out on YouTube. Cos it's awesome.

And imagination seems to be much more productive with lots of stress going on... dunno if that's a good thing...

Anyway so that was long. I'm desperately looking for new black cat ears. I'm so fussy. I want quality, decent wearable everyday cat ears. This is my mission.

Love you guys xxx