Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Bad Pictures, Fast Nails and Epic Times

Yesterday I went to Alton Towers with Mister DQ, two friends and two teenage lads.

And it was the most EPIC DAY EVER!!

The weather was like, the hottest I've ever experienced yet the queues were actually okay. I just totally had to share these snaps with you guys.

I was at work [no nail polish allowed] till past 11pm the night before and had to leave to catch the bus at 6am the next day so I had NO time to paint Alton Towers nails. Haha. So I grabbed four colours that matched my outfit and a topcoat and painted them on the bus.

Here are my "Bus Nails" - I think that considering I painted them at 60mph on a clunky Bakers Dolphin coach with absolutely nothing to lean on, they didn't turn out too bad. I was leant sideways against the window with my hand spread against the seat in front of me when painting with my left hand. It was like a fun "gameshow challenge" and I WON because I didn't come out covered in slime. YEAH!!

Ok I'm an Alton Towers whore and I learn where cameras are. Mister DQ has never been before in his life so it was all new...WHEEE!


We're strapped in kinda lying down under the track so it's like we're "flying". Last time I tried a Superman pose but it looked more like I was trying to punch someone in the face. So I went with this instead...


0-100kmph in 2.5 seconds. The ride is meant to represent a racing car... or I think it might be a getaway car... the camera flashes the SECOND you shoot off the station. This is what I do when I drive past police cars and speed cameras. It means "woohoo I'm speeding with no hands look at my sexy naaaaiiiillllssss!!"


New ride. Never been on it before. Won't give away the secret. Trust me, the shock value of not knowing is REALLY worth it. Had no idea where the camera was. My other half is snapped mid-sentence saying "SWEEEEEEEET!!"


The worlds first vertical drop coaster. Been on it about 30 times and the queuing and the suspension before the drop shits me up the same EVERY time. Best ride, ever. Some friends have described it as "Topping yourself, except you don't die and it's EPIC!" I think it's kinda like driving a car over a cliff edge. Except you fly up through a tunnel at the last minute instead of crashing.

Mister DQ wussed out. My 38 year old boyfriend watched 12 year old girls walk past into the queue and said "I don't wanna go on it" Yeah some stuff was said and cursed by me and our friends and he eventually wussed back in cos he knew he'd regret it. We live about 250 miles away from this place man. I would NEVER have let him forget that.

Our train had moved about 2 metres from the station and the ride broke down. That was funny. He changed his mind again but once you've left the station it's too late. HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

It didn't take long to fix, the ride happened and I thought that this pose would be soooo perfect to go with whatever was on his face [which I couldn't see] and it totally did!

Actual Rule:

Never go to Alton Towers without going on Oblivion. If you've never been, just obey this rule and you'll understand.

And in other news, I was totally just accepted for YouTube partner. YAYYYY!

Thanks so much to everyone who has ever watched my videos. I'll always be super grateful and never forget all the awesomeness and how everyone's inspired me. I couldn't have done it without you <3

I have no clue about all this banner stuff though. I guess that means I'm gonna have to read things...

Come on, brain. We can DO THIS!!!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

I'm Female. I Multi-Task. Sorta.

No matter what goes on in my life, I have ALWAYS found time to be creative. I can't live without it. When times are hard it's the best thing ever to escape into a magical world of colourful pretty things :)

My dream job is not to be a waitress. But it's actually a really fun local job that I love and the people there are just as insane as me. But working 37 hours a week means I have less time to paint my nails. Obviously in a kitchen we're not allowed to wear nail polish so I'm having to be wayyyy more organised with my time in order to paint my nails between work...

I found this awesome UK based website called The Make Up Bag through a Facebook post. This site has LA COLORS for £1.29. If you're from America then that may not sound amazing to you. But here in the UK you'd be suuuper lucky to find nail polish like that so cheap. I bought about 11 bottles and it cost me roughly £13-£14. Best deal ever. I love them all.

I had no time to make a video on this day but these three colours are Magnetic Force [red one] Summertime [pink one] and Shock [yellow one].

I used slightly darker acrylic paints for the leopard dots. Hope you like my shifty summer quickie!!


Jenny went to a salon to have some sneaky acrylics done. So she greeted me on Friday night with a lovely canvas to paint these flames on.

We hang out and have some beers and discuss unicorns and politics and paint nails. I did not intend for these to even look like this. I started painting the outline of some flames on the second or third finger and Jenny was like, "yay wow cool" and we said some funny shit and made some strange noises and I moved onto the next nail without finishing it... It was a total disorganised slightly intoxicated mess. We chatted and laughed our asses off about unpublishable weirdness whilst I went backwards and forwards painting random nails...

And this is how they turned out.

I found a LOL pic on Facebook that said "YOU LOOK FINE" above the bathroom sink instead of a mirror. I have no mirror above my bathroom sink and I'm so freakin inspired right now.

Once I've finished editing my videos I'm totally gonna have a bathroom sesh with my paintbrush. TEE-HEEEE!!!!

All this means I'm gonna have to actually get out of bed in the mornings.

Restaurants don't have early shifts. But painting does.