Friday, 22 July 2011

View Count...

Okay, so I posted this about a week ago and it's been stuck on 302 views for about five days!

I'm not saying I'm super amazing and popular and should have a million views on this or anything. But I know that way more than 302 people have actually viewed it because I've had loads of comments and ratings SINCE the count stopped.

I know what it is. YouTube have some issues with their view count, they freeze views on some videos to make sure we're not employing bots or some sorta cheat to gain more views, and the actual genuine views are still counted. Videos from 11th to 18th July are not all correct and they're "working on fixing the problem" But it's still starting to piss me off.

Thumbs up if you're the 302nd viewer!

I've learned a lot recently about legals and technicals on YouTube. But it's all getting a bit out of hand now... there's too many people in the world!!
Glad I'm one of them though ^_^


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