Tuesday, 9 August 2011

I'm growing videos out of my ears!!

Seriously... you know when you just have loads of eagerness to paint loads of nails in so many different ways...? The past few weeks I've been trying to fulfil requests, and paint things I already wanted to paint anyway... and sometimes I just get a massive idea and HAVE to paint it on nails right away... hence the use of the fake hand. I know a lot of people find it creepy, but I just think the design looks better if it's painted on like, a hand, right? People find my real nails creepy anyway so I can't really win. I'm creepy. YAY! **pokes you**

The funniest comment I got on my Nyan Cat nails was: "FULL OF EPIC WIN!!!!"
Seriously laughed out loud. I love shout compliments. Hahaha. AWESOME!!

Anyway so I did these cow nails a while ago and thought I'd just post them... cos I was in a cow design sharing mood...

 Less than 24 hours later, I posted my Snails...
I strongly encourage everyone in the world to paint ridiculously mental snails on their nails.
It's seriously good for you. Like eating your vegetables. Trust me, I'm a professional ;D

Thanks Camilla for hosting such a mental contest! I wasn't planning to enter many more contests at the moment but ANIMAL THEME!! How could anyone say no?!! She's got about 40 entries already so the whole contest obviously going to be a massive win!

I love the music on the contest video. Pretties, YAAAY!

So those are my nails for this week... sort of. Ohhhh I've been making so many videos I don't know which to post next....

Collab with superminx66 soon... YAY!

Yup, so this post was deadly serious and intellectual.
Full of epic win!
xxx mwah xxx

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