Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Okay so remember these Rainbow Death Cupcakes?

So my boyfriend went off to see a boring-ass movie with Wayne, while me and Jenny had some much needed nail painting times. Jenny likes dark things, like sketchy fairies and mushrooms and shimmery purple stuff, as opposed to pretty hearts and rainbow sweetness but she said I could do whatever I wanted.

Whoever I'm painting, I still like to try and suit their style and sense of taste so I just had this random thought and I said, let's change the absolute fuck out of the Rainbow Death Cupcakes and make them less "Me" and more "You"!!!
So it kinda got dark halfway through and the lighting in the kitchen was REALLY crap. I feel quite proud that I managed to somehow still paint. Halfway through this half lit epic concentrated struggle, Jenny realised she had a lamp, retrieved it and we all lived happily ever after!

Here's my "Sketchy Skull Fairy Cakes"

The possibilities are endless with cupcakes. The possibilities are endless with animal print too.
OMG it's just too exciting to handle.

But now I want to make real life animal print sketchy cupcakes. I wonder if anyone would eat them.
I would xD