Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Rainbow Rehab?

Okay so I've got quite an addictive mind. Meaning I'm one of those people who can become completely addicted to something, do it all the time and almost never do anything else. Whereas other people who have hobbies or things they like to do all the time can still know when to give it a rest and go and do something else. I've been "addicted" and "obsessed" with a few things in my time and have managed to give them a break or quit when I know I'm doing too much. It's always been fine.

My addictions that I've learned to either control, quit, or S.T.F.U about because everyone's sick of hearing me blab about it all the time:

  • Giraffes
  • Cats
  • Pink
  • Alton Towers, and the full detailed description of how amazing Oblivion is from start to finish, exactly where the cameras are located, and the exact pose I did when I went past it
  • My sexy long haired supervisor at my call centre job who had to obey "do not sleep with or date your colleagues" policies
  • Tea. Actual normal English tea
  • Smoking
  • Tea and smoking at the same time
  • My best boy mate who I spent almost 24/7 causing chaos with
  • Chocolate
  • Sausages
  • Swearing like an absolute fucking trooper
  • Painting nails
  • Painting lighters
  • Painting people's stuff they don't want painted
  • The end of the world
  • Sunrise Festival
  • The fact that Sunrise Festival 2012 might be the last Sunrise Festival ever if the end of the world occurs
  • Cars
  • Pink cars
  • The fact that my life sucks because I don't have a pink car and will never be happy until I own one. Preferably a Nissan Figaro
  • Nissan Figaros

Seriously, those are things that have taken up pretty much 95% of my life for the past 25 years. But it's okay because I know I can give them all a rest whenever I want and do housework, car maintenance, go to see friends, bands, shopping, pay bills, be normal etc etc.

But I think I have a new addiction that I may never be able to control. I think I've always had it inside of me.... but now it's grown and exploded and I've posted it on the internet, and I've seen other people post similar things on the internet, and it's all over the place now. I feel kinda safe knowing that other people may share my addiction so I'm not a lonely Nyan cat wannabe or anything, but...

EPIC rainbows everywhere!! They make me so happy and I can't stop painting them, wearing them, watching them on the internet, offering rainbows as a solution to people's problems, forcing grey people to have a rainbow or two in their life, secretly knowing that soon enough their whole life will revolve around rainbows.

When you see a real one, in the sky you totally point and say "Yay, rainbow!" don't you? There's just nothing more satisfying than a rainbow.

And now I have one in my flat!!

And now it's there, the rest of the walls look plain.... I don't know how this will end, but I think there's gonna be more because I smile every time I look at it. I'm pretty much hooked for life. If there was a rainbow rehab I wonder what it would be like... maybe if I ever overcome my obsession I might make one and help all the other rainbow addicts who are one step away from jail for going on a massive Nyan Spree.

Now I'm wondering if car mechanics can make exhaust fumes rainbow coloured instead of grey and smokey... I'd put ears on my Astra and drive at 150mph. Real life Nyan Car!!

Inhale the rainbows, bitches!! WOOHOO!

In other news, here's a picture my friend tagged me in on Facebook when I was out NOT doing rainbows. Technically I was clapping and cheering at a kick-ass band, but I like to think he captured my magic helicopter powers in action and this would be incriminating evidence if the roof of The Salthouse had happened to be blown off that night. I laughed for about 15 minutes straight when I saw this:

And my long haired supervisor changed job roles, did what he was allowed and now lives with me in my rainbow land! If you look carefully you can see him on the right ;)

Full of epic win.

This blog was a bit trippy and random, but full of grammatically correct sentences. All the way through.

As JennaMarbles would say: It was on my mind... and now it's on the internet. WHEEE!!


  1. Lol! Continue with your funky ramblings and rainbow hugging, girl. Hi-fives to you! :)

  2. Hellooooo! First time here and I love it to bits! Watching that video and reading the accompanying post, you remind me of a good friend I have who literally injects happy into the lives of everyone she touches. <3 FOLLOWING!
    Cheers from JQ over at fripperydigits!