Thursday, 6 December 2012

Glitter and Smarties. Glarties.

I have been nomming on Smarties and painting my nails with Orly "Sunglasses At Night" which was sent to me by one of my YouTube besties ArcadiaNailArt cos she's cool and safe and mental and completely awesome.

I love to arrange things in rainbow order. Especially Smarties.

I was feeling a bit nostalgic. Remember when Smarties had plastic different coloured lids with letters on? I used to collect them and write rainbow words. I didn't always have every letter though so they'd say things like "hip hup hop" or "dip dap dop"...

I always ended up with lots of p's and d's. Or are they both the same? H was quite popular too...

And then the B@$T@7D$ changed them and now they have paper lids. No more fun games where you whack the empty tube on the table and see what you hit when the lid shoots off. They still have the plastic lids on the big tubes, like the one I'm holding here, but it's just not the same. My lid was orange today and had a picture of a raccoon on it. I can't spell anything with that!


I still love you though, because you're rainbowy and sweet. And you DO always have the answer. You're who I turn to in my hour of need.
Thank you, Smarties.
Your lids will always be missed, but your sugary goodness will still always be nommed.

Thank you. Please enjoy Smarties excessively and irresponsibly this Christmas.

I am not sponsored by Smarties. I am just a complete nut job. Probably all the excessive irresponsible Smartie consumption.


  1. Yay you're using the polish!

    Smarties are not what they used to be, I preferred them when they had fake chemical coatings and were not good for you xD

    1. It's mental! I'm wearing the pink one you sent me on my left :)

      My brother had to have his Smarties edited before he was given the tube because he went mental on certain colours... I miss those days. He drinks now. But he is 23 mind... HAHAHA!!

      But yeah. It's such a shame "Health and Safety" has to stick it's oar in and ruin everyone's fun.

  2. Hello hello :) I nominated you for the Liebster Award :