Monday, 20 February 2012

RAINBOW ANIMALS on Everyone's Nails!

Okay so recently I've been doing SO much animal print it's unreal.

It's like an addiction that I think there should be a rehab centre for. Firstly I get addicted to nail art, and then I start seeing these wonderful rainbow animals all over the place and have to paint them everywhere!!

I'm planning to paint a slice of my wall with rainbow zebra quite soon.

For the time being, here's a few reinbow animals I did on me and some other random nails.

Or, here's shitloads of nails. Pretty pictures with captions, yay!!

It started with these. They were inspired from EVERYTHING colourful, and Zebras. I also saw Colette from SimpleLittlePleasues do an Acid Leopard nail art and it inspired me to respond it with my Zebra!

And I like to contrast my life all over the place so I painted these. I was inspired by February, my grey zebra coffee mug and the carpark full of grey, white, black and silver cars outside my flat. Seriously. That's all there were.

Ok this is gonna sound weird but I was watching the end of a cigarette burning and I imagined lots of those would look like fire leopards :)
After a few falsie tryouts I tried out this colour and animal combination...
Here is the blue and yellows on Jenny's nails. I actually had no idea how drunk I was when I was painting these... Don't worry guys. We were hanging out. She's my friend and we're well safe. I don't recommend professional nail techs and artists get drunk before painting paying client's nails. LOL!!
It always looks more appealing on the thumbs. I love thumbs. I wish they faced the same way as all the other nails though because they're hard to angle. We have "suicidal thumb" pose, where you hang your hand off the edge of the table with only your thumb hanging on to the top...

This is Jody [I hope I spelled it right] - was slightly sober-er when I painted these. My camera obviously wasn't. Awesome.

Much clearer on the thumbs, yay! Neon pink is Color Club Yum Gum. Pink base is a Franken from a load of neon pink random shizzle in my crashy nail art bag.

Okay and here's some randomers.
Rachel came to have her nails painted and I had no camera so Rachel's pic is a few days old...
And I totally did some nails for a wedding. It was my cousin but I feel well posh :)
I was kinda disappointed that she just wanted french tip acrylics cos I wanted to be all bad-ass creative and match her flower arrangement [something I am soooo not doing at mine...] but me and her mum managed to convince her to have some sexy gems on her ringfinger...

Cousin Heidi [bride] literally never has nails, ever. I turned her hands into lady hands for elegant marriage purposes, yay!
Aunty Ange [bride's mum] dress matching. I need to remember to photo the darn outfits too. Sorry :( She looked mental though. 

And these two designs were inspired by cool YouTuber IndigoNova1 - you can find tutorials for these on her channel   HERE  <<k?

Rachel wears slightly chipped plaid nails in pink. Hope I did it justice! Rachel has chippy nails at the moment I'm trying to discipline her... 
Surprisingly easy to do with my left hand, bold retro wallpaper design in pink. I loved wearing these. They look epic from far away.

So recently with my nail art and life missions I have learnt:

Don't drink and do nail art.
If you're unsure, paint it pink!
And life is a neon rainbow.

Internet cats and rainbow animals will take over the world. It's already happening... *ahem*NYAN!*ahhhem!**

I still love you guys though. Even if you do get bitten and become rainbow-zombiefied!



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  1. Awesome! You make me wish I had longer nails but that's not realistic for me. Too hard to catch children and loose horses without breaking one! XD