Sunday, 3 June 2012

Naughty Nail Polish. TEE-HEE!!

AHEM: DISCLAIMER! Do not read if you're a total nun who likes to moan about suggestive words or sentences. Kthanks :D

Firstly, I had a Bad Case of Blue Balls on my hands...


Yup, my nail mail came today and I am wearing two epic colours from the adult content filled "Dolly Does Polish" collection.

I literally got home from work to find my postman had casually wedged the package as far into my letterbox as it would fit...

Seriously. That's the new logo I have designed for the postal services in Portishead. Shuddup it doesn't look anything like the original. It's got a new hat. See!


I knew exactly what it was and I painted them on my nails straight away!! I can't completely capture how shiny and pretty they are IRL but I tried my best.  I found them super easy to apply and was satisfied after two coats of each. I think these two colours go fabulously together!

A Bad Case Of Blue Balls in sunlight [ish]

Baby Gravy in sunlight [ish]

Blue Balls with flash. YAY SHINY!!

Baby Gravy with flash. MMM CREAMY!!!

Yup, both my hands are different lengths. Variety is the spice of life!
I'm really happy with these colours. I don't usually buy nail polish on the internet but these won't be my last purchase from Dolly I know that for sure!

Shiny things. So excited to share these <3

Love you guys, thanks for reading
xx mwah! xx


  1. Shiny things and shiny nails, my idea of heaven. Thanks for the link.

  2. I've been watching your videos and they're pretty fab! My daughter and I do nail art together so I'm always looking for inspiration. Love the idea for water based acrylics! You're art is brilliant! Thank you for sharing the tutorials!