Tuesday, 17 January 2012

COLLABORATION! Come join us and unite...

Friday I'm in Love!

We would like to invite all artists to join us in a YouTube collaboration.

If you saw or took part in the "Let it Snow" collab on 5th December 2011, you will be familiar with this, and hopefully excited. Yay!

A lot of people joined in and showed the most awesome support in Let it Snow and said that we should do this more often, so the lovely Robin Moses has invited us to come together and unite again to show our love for nail art in a pre-valentine's day art collaboration.

The theme and title for this collaboration: FRIDAY I'M IN LOVE!

Inspired by song lyrics by The Cure, we would like to show our love for nail art on FRIDAY 3rd February 2012.

The design being anything inspired by love, valentines, stuff like that.

Paint your nails with love. Love inspired. However our love life is doing, or not doing, we still heart nail art. Yup, CHEESY!!

When you've made your video or picture slide of your awesome design, simply join in by uploading on Friday 3rd February, Title your video "Friday I'm in Love by [whoeveryouare]" and when you see another Friday I'm in Love video, video response it!! And we'll then be joined together again in another epic collaboration.

Please invite any other artists, new peeps and super old massive famous peeps too. Even if you don't really make videos. Share a few pictures in a slide or post them on Facebook :)

If you have any questions, PLEASE DON'T POST THEM HERE COS I CAN'T REPLY!!

Ask me on Facebook or YouTube and I'll be your friend forever. :D

Also, let me know if there's anything you think I may have forgotten.


Thank you all for reading and your lovely support. I'm always forever grateful for all you guys.

xx mwah! xx

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  1. Your craft is glorious and you guys have fun doing this i enjoy watching ur video so do my grandkids keep up the great work you r bless with talent. Thanks for sharing with us