Friday, 30 November 2012

Lazy Leopards and Colourful Bombsite

It's been a while since I wrote here and I thought I'd share a couple of my latest lazy leopards.

I've seen a lot of girls who make indie custom polishes and they always seem to make these weird matte glitters, and glitters in creme polishes. I love the effect but I don't usually buy nail polish over the internet, especially when it's just ONE bottle and it's being shipped from halfway across the world.
But I found this one in Superdrug by Accessorize. Conveniently named "Leopard Moth". It's actually amazing and applies smoothly and perfectly without any effort or glitter manipulation. I had just spent about an hour painting my left hand for a tutorial and lost track of time so this design was kind of like, shit I've got fifteen minutes before I have to leave the house and I can't go out with one plain hand. So I just scribbled some quickie leopard spots on the tips and topcoated...

I went out to see a kick-ass band called Alabama 3 in Bristol and my outfit was black and pink, cat inspired and slightly gothic. I guess I should have taken a pic of my outfit and pink leopard eye make up but I ended up getting really drunk and forgot. Hey ho I'm only human.. WOO!!
I quite like them in this order. Makes a change from the thumb and ringfinger "accent nail" jobby.

The boiler man came round today un-announced. I usually like to make sure it's super tidy before people come in but I was in the middle of doing absolutely everything at once and my flat is a complete dive... oops!

Me: Sorry for the mess... I'm an artist.
Boiler Man: Haha no worries. Is this room an "artistic expression" then?
Me: No. I'm just very "abstract" with my version of clean and tidy.
Boiler man: .....       o_O    


  1. Ooh that accessorize polish looks really nice

  2. I was a bit sad, and then my boyfriend wondered why I suddenly started smiling and nearly laughed. So I had to tell him about your conversation with the boiler man. Lol! :-D Nice nails too!

  3. hahahaha!! Same here!! I suddenly started laughing and people at work thought I was completely MENTAL :P Your flat looks Superbly Mental, Rainbow-y and Colortastic :P