Sunday, 3 February 2013

Life is a Love Story

Every year, in the land of the internetz, February comes and everyone starts being all romantic and talking about how AWESOME Valentine's day is and that they're going to have a romantic evening with the love of their life and everything is pink and fluffy and everyone's sooooo in love...
And then there are other people who don't always feel the love. Valentine's day turns into "Single Awareness Day" and the people spreading the love and boasting about their hot dates will cause the lonely people to be even more depressed.
That doesn't mean we shouldn't be proud and full of love on Valentine's day, or any other day. But this year I thought I'd spare a thought for anyone who may have been through sad times while everyone else seems to be meeting their Prince Charming and leaving you behind...
But I did it in a creative, weird and cute way because I didn't want to make everyone depressed. LOL! For those of you who didn't come from YouTube, here is the tale of Lola and Dave.

Lola and Dave are fictional characters that I created and it is not based on a true story. It's a sad story I made up. I always thought it was sad when balloons get lost and float up into the sky on their own, and end up tangled up in trees... it's almost like seeing a crushed up car. Like a wreckage of something that was once pretty and made everyone smile.

I've never fallen in love with a balloon and lost them to archery enthusiasts. That was just an example of many possible obstacles life might throw at you.
But I know what it's like to have someone who means the entire world to you. Someone you can't imagine being without. Almost as if you couldn't breathe without them. Someone who is your everything.
I know what it's like to have all that, and to then have nothing. Over and out. On my own with no one to laugh with or hold my hand. Like someone sweeping the carpet from under your feet.
And it's a million times worse when everyone's celebrating their love and getting romantic without you.
It's not so bad though. Who says you need a boyfriend or girlfriend to complete you? Valentine's day is all about sharing the love you have for people. You love your mum, dad, friends, sistaz from anutha mistaz, etc... right?

Perhaps Lola was repaired with duct tape. Perhaps Dave was stuck in the trees for years waiting for another lady balloon to untie him. The point is, Dave healed in time and found happiness in the end.

Some people float away forever with their childhood sweethearts. It took me twenty three years to find my balloon. Some people don't find their balloons for 50 years.
Some are greedy and have LOTS of balloons!! Hahaha.
Wherever and however slowly the wind takes you, it's always worth it in the end.
Both Dave and Lola are happy again and I've heard they're friends on Facebook now too.
Happy Valentines to everyone in the world. And massive snogs to everyone who isn't blood related to me. ;)



  1. That was beautiful. I've never thought about it that way..I know what its like to be in both situations, but I guess when things are good, you tend to forget that they may not be good for everyone. I have two friends who both got married on Valentine's Day. One girl is still married, and the other divorced. My divorced friend tells me every year how much she hates Valentine's day, but I truly never understood it until now. I guess I always just brushed it off like she was being funny (she does have a great sense of humor). It never dawned on me that maybe its because it's still painful. Your story has given me a whole new perspective.
    And,yes, your art is amazing! =)

  2. Single Awareness Day...the name couldn't be any more fitting! I truly enjoyed your story though :)

  3. *sniffle* its so true. I love this story, and am glad that as beautiful a person as you has found that happiness :) I hope I do too. x