Friday, 8 February 2013

I Love Short Nails Too!

So I did a nail art design that I thought was nice and simple to recreate. I personally think most designs can be done on any length of nail, long or short. You just have to either paint it smaller, or slightly less of the design. It still looks awesome whatever size it is :)

I had a few comments asking if this one could be done on short nails.

So I retrieved four of my smallest practice nails and cut them as short as I could. I think this design was actually easier to paint on short nails because I did the heart in only two strokes and it wasn't difficult to get a straight line for the chain with less space.

I hope this will remind everyone that you don't need pterodactyl talons to wear fabulous nail art :)

Much love to you all and have a sparkly weekend!!

xx mwah xx


  1. Hello my lovely. Do you mind if i steal this? It's faaaabulous dahling!

    1. Sure :D Long as you mention who you "stole" it from, LOL. I love seeing recreations so feel free to share if you like :) xx

    2. Of course!!! I'll get it done tomorrow night and drop you the link. Might switch the colours up but i'll credit and link you abso-freaking-lutely :) xx

    3. Blog post, with full credit! Miles away from you, but thank you for the inspiration!

    4. I can't comment on it for some reason, but the whole post is awesome!! They look really cute and classy in gold. And Barry M liked it on Facebook too. WIN!! Thanks so much for sharing xD

    5. Oh Dahling What For??


  2. Thank you for the short nail example.

  3. Me too think the same.In short nails all the designs like angry birds,panda,watermelon comes very finely.

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