Thursday 21 February 2013


Hello everyone!!

Okay so some of you may not know this, but I'm a messy confused disorganized hippy! Most nail art girls I follow have lovely shelves or nail polish racks with all their polishes and nail art tools arranged by colour or brand and it's soooo nice... I'm the complete opposite. I have a shelf rack full of random stuff, a suitcase full of more stuff and several other bags and boxes of random shit under my bed or shoved away somewhere impractical.

I don't like to see things go to waste so when I have an almost empty bottle of polish that I can't use I don't throw it away. That would be stupidly dumb.
I get stir-crazy a lot and I have to be creative to keep myself insane in the membrane. But sometimes I just can't be arsed to paint a super-mental complex nail art design. Know what I mean? So I went crazy with a few half empty bottles and made a couple of new unique colours, as you can see here....

Here's another design I made by layering the purple franken I used in the video over one of my favourite matt glitters: Accessorize, Leopard Moth. It looked so cool on my newly cut "short nails" and I thought that just a simple accent nail would suffice.

I'm an extremely eccentric person and I usually like to have something insanely mental and weird, or controversial and rainbowy on my nails. But I know that a lot of people who love nail art still like to be classy and not draw too much attention to themselves. Those people do cross my mind a lot which is why I've started doing a few simple and easy manicures. Like I said, variety is the spice of life!

I will ALWAYS be an insanely mental rainbowcat and I have wayyyy too many crazy colourful ideas I still haven't shared yet so don't panic, I haven't suddenly turned into a nun!
But let me know what you think. If you guys like these occasional sweet and simple nails then let me know and I'll continue to share them :)

Thanks for reading